Unwinding, Unfolding, Blossoming – Heal Unresolved, Stored Survival Stress, Hypervigilance, Chronic Anxiety, Pain & Overwhelm Patterns Held in the Body – Restore the Experience of Safety in Your Nervous System – Ease Your Nervous System Dysregulation Loop – Allow in Softness, Gentleness, Wholeness & Somatic Healing.

“If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer.” ~ Dr. Stephen Porges

This is an invitation to allow space for unwinding, unfolding and blossoming – spring is here. An opportunity to heal deeply held, unresolved survival energy and chronic stress – through a supportive body exploration process.

Every repeated experience matters. Whichever experiences we choose to repeat—either consciously or unconsciously—are changing our mind-body system. The more often we receive support, move towards softness, rest and somatic healing, the more we can release what we are holding and restore what is missing.

I am so grateful that I get to work with so many beautiful souls – and what they have in common is that they are deeply committed to their healing. We have all experienced trauma and we are holding the residue of those experiences in our body, nervous system and brain.

My offerings in Somatic Healing and Somatic Exploration include: receiving supportive transforming bodywork and touch, healing our nervous system responses, working with the alarm response in the body, relational / mother & father wounding, healing our younger part, allowing in deep self-compassion, somatic flowing movement processes to ease chronic, deeply held body responses and our freeze response, breathwork to ease anxious patterns in the body, integrating reflexes, ancestral healing and birth & pre / peri natal trauma healing, and sound and gentle supportive practices in-between sessions.

This is healing at the roots – bringing presence to the times and places in your life when you abandon yourself – the times when you need your love and care the most – allowing yourself to have unlimited opportunities to experience softness in your body and mind, warm compassion in your body and heart and care for your whole being.

Without awareness, we can suppress and habitually disconnect from our bodies, heart and spirit. We will process and explores practices that reawaken our senses and open us to the blessings of sacred presence in the present moment.

Is your nervous system dysregulated?
The answer is yes – we all are at different times.
When it becomes chronic dysregulation – we are more likely to develop chronic emotional and/or physical health symptoms.

What we want to cultivate within our system is more capacity to feel difficult emotions and feelings, and to move back into nervous system regulation again. When we continue to develop this capacity, our nervous systems and bodies’ become more resilient and we are able to step away from our dysregulation loop.

This is a somatic healing practice and process for stepping away from your dysregulation loop – be with your abandonment of self loop – and do the work that will make everything feel different in your life.

Opportunities for nervous system healing and regulation – feeling safe in your body, mind and heart – allowing yourself opportunities for the parasympathetic part of your nervous system to be dominant.

A Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma & Transforming Touch (TEB) Practitioner, I create space for a state of open awareness and compassionate connection, combining sensitive, light touch with perceptual skills to support awareness of the rhythmic generative ordering movements of life.
Denial of our authentic self allows trauma to be stored in the body. When we must suppress our authentic selves to survive, our bodies carry the pain.

Is it ok to cry? Is it ok to have needs?
Who will be there for me when I speak them?
The environment answers the questions again and again – intuitively we begin to understand what will keep us safe and accepted.
We need to slowly bring ourselves to look within and be with the feelings that we are holding inside, bring forward those tender authentic parts of yourself that are there – all the moments you gritted your teeth and pushed through.
Together, let’s begin to invite change.

Being present with the wholeness and flowing energy of life, we can begin to recognize the different expressions of conditioned experience. We can learn to respond to the habitual patterns that arise, and support our whole being to reorganize and resolve trauma patterns deeply held in our body and mind.

Trauma keeps us stuck in the past. We can go back and rescue those parts of ourselves that are stuck back there and begin to notice the safety of the present moment. Freeing yourself from past programming allows you to show up more fully, vibrantly and alive right now.

I will support your body, heart and mind to complete deeply held trauma responses held in the body.

When our biology runs amok, the other parts of our beingness don’t well either.

It is tough to create good self care when our survival physiology (biology) is having none of it, and just wants to hide inside and be away from the world (or fight to its death).

We have to improve our biological responses first, our connection to our internal world, our sensations, our stress responses, or intense sense of unsafety.

We must lessen our biological fear responses so we can muster the energy to consider stepping outside into the quantum/electrical/soul/spiritual world.

When we restore our biology—that survival chemistry—to be in less fear-based and/or frozen states, and more in a regulated and ‘in flow’ state, we start to organically connect to the pure, earthly fact that we are nature.

Time doesn’t heal the wounds of unresolved trauma (aka: stored survival stress), YOU do.

Yes, it does take time to heal trauma, and we have to participate.

And that healing, in my professional and personal experience, starts with learning, plus a desire to take charge and make real changes.

Those changes don’t need to be big. They can be tiny to start, and then, they grow. They grow into healing, they grow into nervous system regulation. You grow.

All chronic health conditions are driven by the nervous system. The nervous system is in contact with every cell in the body; it’s part of the control and signaling mechanisms for every other organ and system.

Here are five areas of the body that are impacted by stored trauma:

  1. The Brain (brain fog, anxiety, depression)
  2. The Immune System (autoimmune conditions)
  3. The Gut & Digestion (leaky gut, pain, acid reflux, IBS)
  4. Hormones (imbalances, headaches)
  5. Energy Levels (fatigue)

In simple terms, if the nervous system is unbalanced, other areas of the body become unbalanced, too. This is why it is so important to learn how to regulate our nervous system.

By paying attention to our body’s nervous system, we can help our body heal and become more resilient.

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You struggle with “mysterious” ailments (things like anxiety, depression, toxic relationships, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc.), but nobody can figure out why.

  • You’ve been to the doctor and have been told there isn’t anything wrong,  but you know something’s off. You’re starting to think something must be wrong with you. (Or maybe you have a diagnosis but feel this sneaking suspicion that you’re missing the key to true healing.)

  • You now know that the probable cause of your present-day struggles is early childhood traumatic stress, but you’re confused because you had a pretty good childhood.

If this resonates, know that you’re not alone. I hear some version of this story daily from my current clients and those who inquire about working with me.

There are so many people living in states of chronic dysregulation (and they don’t even know it) due to early traumas they either don’t remember or have written off as insignificant.

You don’t need to have experienced a big blow-up event (like a massive car accident, torturous abuse, war, etc.) to be traumatized. Your system can still be living in a state of total chaos and dysregulation, even with no memory of any bad, scary things happening to you.

Tap into Your Flowing Energy and Aliveness

Magnify your inner potential and purpose and watch your well-being, relationships, career, and entire life evolve in ways you’ve never imagined. Celebrate with excitement how your life is now unfolding. Live your life filled with confidence, inner trust and purpose, and feel fully rooted in your centre with deep resilience and strength.

Heal the long-held relational and somatic patterns held in your body so you can feel calm and more confident, no matter what’s happening around you. Come home to yourself and shed the layers of conditioning that kept you from seeing the magic you have within yourself.

What You’ll Develop and Improve:

How You’ll Benefit: