Allowing Softness

Embodiment, Relational Connection & Somatic Nervous System Healing

A New Small Group Community Program for Women

Stop searching for the next secret door that will magically transport you to your true life.

Stop waiting...This is it.

Do You Feel the Energy Pulsating Inside of You?

The longing to be with what you are holding inside of you and take some steps towards connection, somatic healing and growth.

Many women tell me during our individual sessions together that they feel isolated and alone, even in the midst of their busy lives full of family, work and relationships.

There comes a time when we realize that we must open ourselves to receive, to step forward towards a new path of healing - and begin to invest in our emotional and physical health.

Showing up for yourself and others, does something good for you and your life. When you choose to uncover and share your needs with others in a loving, supportive space, things begin to change. You don't want to keep to yourself, you want to open yourself, little by little to sharing more about yourself, and you want to receive the total body, mind and heart effects of somatic healing

Know this...

You can find safety in your body, be with fear and stored survival energy that your body is holding, find resources in the body, relate with your body in mind and step into life through the body.

You have the power to heal early developmental trauma and survival patterns, body sensations and chronic protective responses that keep you feeling isolated, anxious and alone.

There's Nothing Wrong with You

Often, we have experiences in the past that affirm something is not right about who we are, how we are and who we are becoming.

Sometimes we felt as though we didn't fit in at school or within our learning environment and/or making friends was hard.

Sometimes our family members were feeling so disconnected within themselves that they couldn’t attune to us and provide us with a feeling of rootedness and belonging that our nervous system really needs.

Sometimes it was because our family unit could never accept us for who we are so we had to fragment ourselves into different pieces like a chameleon. At the root of this is a nervous system that is working HARD.

This sense of fragmentation, separation and disconnection is survival physiology.

It says...I'm working hard. I'm working hard to survive and do what I know how to do to stay safe and protected.

Our whole world can become shaped by this survival physiology. What motivates us, our why, our goals and our aspirations.

It's normal for things to shift as we become regulated. Things are less urgent, less black and white, and our bodies and minds less tense.

“Authenticity cannot be pursued, only embodied.”

~Dr. Gabor Mate
join us october 2023 for


Allowing Softness

Embodiment, Relational Connection & Somatic Nervous System Healing

7-Week Small-Group Program for Women
The Sacred Embodiment Somatic Healing Program will begin in the fall.

Seven 90-minute sessions starting Monday, October 16th at 6:30pm, continue every Monday from 6:30pm to 8pm ET, and we will emerge on Monday, November 27th.

About the Program

This work is for anyone who wants to join me in a deep healing process, who wants to begin a gentle pathway towards deep healing and nervous system regulation during every single session.

We explore healing practices for nervous system healing, connection with self and others, along with gentle and tender ways to hold and heal ourselves as we discover our deep self. There is no way to get this wrong and you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do within the group.

We are made up of many aspects of ourselves - we are resilient, tenacious and self-sufficient, but just like any wild and free entity, we are also shy, tentative and instinctively seeking safety. If we are to deepen our healing journey, we must learn to have gentle, loving and ongoing conversations with it.

Helping you heal by normalizing your experiences, validating your feelings, and encouraging gentleness and curiosity in your body, heart and mind, so you can feel grounded, safe and alive, rather than a problem to be solved or an emotion to be managed.

"The wounds in our lives are so often related to severed belonging and the ways that we, in some way, get split off from the feeling that who we are is not okay. Through our families and our culture, we get the message that something is wrong with us. We split off because we get hurt or because another has not been able to stay with us.”

~Tara Brach

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Why I Created the Emergence Somatic Healing Program

Living a soulful life starts with building a deep relationship with ourselves.

During my work with women over the years, many of them share with me how they often feel isolated and wish for more heartfelt connection with others. We are all longing for the space to connect with ourselves and others, as much as you would like to, with a respect and openness that feels safe and kind.

You have the opportunity to:

◆ Receive, welcome in safety and invite somatic relational attachment healing into your body and heart

◆ Slow down to pay attention to yourself and your body

◆ Create community and connection with other kindred spirits on the healing pathway

◆ Experience ritual, movement, sound, breathwork, mother and father wound work, connecting with your younger part, guided somatic depth practices for nervous system regulation

◆ Work with me during the program, one-on-one, via Zoom or in-person, at any time

Transformative somatic practices for trauma healing and realign with yourself

Together, we will step into the doorway of understanding of how our bodies hold our trauma history - early developmental trauma and shock trauma, and how most of us have no idea that our emotional and physical symptoms are guiding us toward healing, if only we knew how to decipher them.

We will walk through a process of nervous system regulation and body focused practices, cultivating deep compassion and working within the sacred feminine.

Connecting to ourselves first and then to others, if we choose to - sharing our experience of going deeply into the body and sharing how this feels for each of us. We have the opportunity to connect to something deeper, more vibrant and more alive than we have ever known.

What You Will Experience in the Emergence
7-Week Journey

- Seven 1.5 hour LIVE Group sessions via Zoom each week

 - Practices for in-between sessions to support you: Nervous System Regulation, Somatic Noticing, Identify Glimmers, Boundary Work, Younger Part Healing Work, Mother and Father Wound Healing - no homework is required, but you will receive it to practice at any time.

week 1

Connect and Be With Your Emotional Body

Get to know your physiology under trauma threat / fear states - learn about your body in fight, flight, freeze states - and begin to feel the effects of restoring regulation and safety in your nervous system.

  • Polyvagal Theory - connecting with your energy and notice what you find there
  • What Somatic Safety is and why it matters
  • Exploring your current relationship with your body
  • Introducing the Window of Tolerance
  • Emotional tending, clearing and grounding
  • Being where you are
  • Opening to receive
  • Receive Intentional Touch somatic healing process and practice

week 2

Go Deeper into the Body - A Process for Somatic & Attachment Trauma Healing, Nervous System Regulation, Intentional Touch

Embodied Rest & Recovery- A Body-Focused Healing Process for Healing the Body/Mind Connection - Supporting various systems in your body to allow it heal at the deepest levels.

  • The cycle of life-death-life and the individuation journey
  • Divine Feminine consciousness & Inviting in the Feminine into Your Life
  • Exploring your window of tolerance
  • Coming home to love
  • Receive Intentional Touch somatic healing process and practice

week 3

Cultivate Self-Compassion Felt Deeply in the Body

We have all heard of it, but most don't experience the feeling of deeply felt self-compassion - we will practice this together - and you will practice this in-between sessions. This is a must for deep somatic healing.

  • The Call to Come Home to yourself
  • Inner critic and inner conflict
  • Recovery of power and personal authority
  • Inner truth and boundaries
  • Trust, vulnerability, beauty and surrender
  • Receive Intentional Touch somatic healing process and practice

week 4

Noticing & Being With What Your Body is Holding

Process deeply held emotions through the body - we will work with the group field of emotion and tap into the dark emotions - anger, sadness, shame, heartbreak and practice working with these emotions together within the group field.

  • Tending the Inner Well
  • Beginning to Notice and Tend to What You Need
  • Connecting and Holding Space for Sensations and Survival Energy Held in the Body
  • Opening Space to Be Held
  • Receive Intentional Touch somatic healing process and practice

week 5

Cultivating a Connection with Your Younger Part

When we are cut off from our bodies for fear of running into old pain, we also deny ourselves access to the child in us. We keep the child protected, but it's more like solitary confinement as we learn to cope alone, cut off from the connections that are an essential part of life.

Your younger part is waiting for you to stop judging, alienating, blaming, and shaming them. Your younger part wants to be seen, heard, accepted, and loved as you are right now.

The first step is becoming aware that your hurt younger part is inside you, and making an effort to see them. Move into your body, which is their body too, and both of you can learn to feel together. Show them that it is safe by providing them with the compassionate connection they needed when they experienced difficulties. Be the comforting, competent parent to them now they so desperately needed back then.

Receive Intentional Touch somatic healing process and practice.

week 6

Notice and Begin Healing Your Family Trauma Imprint - Healing Practices for Your Mother Wound, Your Father Wound

Receive some healing words and phrases from your mother and father.

When we have rejected, judged, blamed or distanced ourselves from either parent the reverberations are felt within us as well. Pushing a parent away its akin to pushing away part(s) of ourselves.

We then begin to express their qualities unconsciously. Finding a way to bring our parents into our heart and bring the qualities that we have rejected in them (and in us) into our awareness.

There we can transform something difficult into something that can give us strength. By developing an inner relationship with the painful parts of ourselves - parts that we can have inherited from our family - we have the opportunity to feel and heal them.

Receive Intentional Touch somatic healing process and practice.

week 7

Embodied Recovery - Introduction to Movement, Breath and Sound Healing Through the Body

  • Integrate deeply held reflexes - we will work to slowly integrate the reflexes related to fear paralysis
  • Integration and absorption of the process and work
  • Creating an ongoing practice
  • Body-focused practices for in-between sessions.
  • Receive Intentional Touch somatic healing process and practices
This is trauma healing work - as well as opportunities for connecting, deepening and embodying your true authentic self as we invite more silence to be able to deepen the voice of your soul.

In the safety of this sacred container, you will be deeply supported to explore and embrace both your soul life and spiritual life with sacred tools and practices you can use at home or whenever you need to access your connection.

For Your Information

◆ Individual sessions with Kim are available at any time

◆ Intimate healing environment with no more than 15 women in this program

Come to the community and experience:

This group process opens us to a world of potential where new perspectives inform and enrich our personal lives, passions, and professional practices, whether physical, emotional, artistic or spiritual.

During our time together, we reclaim what it is that we truly desire and begin to consciously move through life with support, encouragement and celebration.

We will see new possibilities for our future and get inspiration from one another.

Let's gather to gain strength and empower each other's leadership.

This is for YOU if...

You are tired of feeling anxious, depressed, low energy and/or struggling with chronic health/somatic symptoms (digestive issues/thyroid issues) or chronic pain or chronic illness

You want to get to the roots of why you feel the way you feel and receive, find more rest and clear your symptoms out of your life

You are willing to feel discomfort and to learn about early developmental trauma and how this hidden trauma is affecting you now

You want to practice creating space for your emotions to flow and the sensations that have been suppressed

You want to learn about your body and stored survival energy

You have a willingness to learn about your younger part and how to pay attention to this in your day to day life

And you are over...

Being stuck in survival mode

The debilitating symptoms of anxiety, depression, dysfunction, and chronic pain

The never ending hamster wheel of talk therapy, medications, and merely managing your symptoms

Being asked to recall your painful past

Not having the tools and practices to navigate life's difficult emotions and triggers

Break free of family trauma and cultural conditioning

Learn that there are new ways to be in your body, in relationships and in your life.

About Kim

Although I'm a trained, Registered Psychotherapist (RP), Relational Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), Somatic Resilience & Regulation (SRR) Practitioner, Transforming the Experienced Based Brain (TEB) Practitioner, NeuroAffective Touch Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Somatic Nature Therapist, and Yoga Therapist, I also consider myself to be a Sacred Companion for anyone who works with me. I have the honour of holding space and walking alongside anyone engaged in their own healing and soul work.

I work with clients one-on-one and in groups and I create sacred spaces where women can come together to heal, reconnect with soul and come home to themselves. Outside of work, I find my greatest joy in being with others, having adventures in nature - in the warmth of the sun, being close to healing waters and among the trees in the forest - with my husband and dog.

I would love to have you as a part of the group.

I invite you and welcome you to join this group of supportive and caring women. This supportive group provides a safe and encouraging space for women to share their experiences and tap into their bodies and resiliency. This is an inclusive space for all belief systems and individual values, creating a non-judgmental, supportive environment. We are taking part in a program and we are also building a community for those who would like to included in that.

For those who wish to continue this journey, we may continue this group in February 2024, after a break in December and January.

So looking forward to meeting and spending time with you.

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