Finding Home in the Body – In Sickness & Health – Release Traumatic Stress Patterns Bound in Your Body – Somatic Energy Work with Intention – Ease Your Mind, Calm Your Body & Allow Comfort – Now Online.

“Be patient and tough; one day this pain will be useful to you.” – Ovid

Life as we know it, is changing right before our eyes – and we can learn to practice new ways of being with our stress response, nervous system, and the emotions that rise to the surface during this time.

In a concerted effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer has issued a directive for all non-essential and elective healthcare services to be suspended, so for the time being, I am moving my Integrative Somatic Deep Healing Therapy Practice online. We do our sessions using a free. downloadable platform, called Zoom.

During stressful times, it can be very important to work through stress patterns – feelings of fight, flight, freeze or flee, held in your nervous system. Somatic Trauma Work helps to release long-held chronic stress, anger, frustration, anxiety and pain that may be triggered during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Release long-held feelings of threat and hypervigilance from your nervous system with online sessions – available at this time – and always.

The need for physical distancing measures which are important responses recommended by health authorities, can create a deep inner conflict with our innate biological need for connection and co-regulation as human beings.
So, while we must honour the health advice from authorities, there is an invitation to explore new and creative ways to take care of one another and connect our hearts.

Remaining isolated can have a deep impact on our mental and emotional health. Emotional wellness is about being able to manage well in your daily life – in good and bad times.

At this time, we can drop into our bodies and hearts and call on practices and resources that hold us and support us during this time, creating soft places to rest.

We all have an opportunity to go within and honour what needs to be nourished, tended to and held with tenderness within us right now.
I am connecting with clients on Zoom and doing Integrative Somatic Body-Focused Healing Work online, where we can feel a sense of being met and can co-regulate together. Where we can hear each other’s voice tone and see facial expressions that signal to our bodies that we are seen and that we matter.
What you can expect during your Online Integrative Somatic Nervous System Therapeutic Healing sessions together:
1) Time and space that is for you – to slow down – away from racing thoughts, body pain, symptoms, anxiety or fear.

2) From the comfort of your home – you can choose to be seated in a comfortable soft chair or have your session lying in your bed – with blankets and pillows – with your eyes closed to focus on the deep feelings and sensations found in your body during a session.

3) You will pay attention to your body – notice where your energy flows, along with your emotions, sensations, sound, movement and the power of somatic co-regulation.

4) Process long-held trauma patterns held in the nervous system – working with the difficult or intolerable feelings and noticing them moment by moment.

5) By doing this type of body-focused work, we are creating new pathways in your nervous system – slowly and over time – to begin to respond with new awareness and possibility – in new ways to racing thoughts, anxiety, panic, body pain and difficult emotions.

6) Cultivating body-focused resilience allows us to feel more ease in our nervous system – less reactive, stressed, fearful and anxious – now and always, in our body, mind and heart.

During times like these, many people get triggered, if not once, over and over again.

When that happens, we do whatever we can to get away from the trigger. It’s painful to live in a body that’s triggered.

There are some important things to learn that will help ease our bodies, calm our minds, and gently allow our hearts to open.

Many people find relief inside when their inner world gets clear. People even say they feel more real, more connected to themselves and others.

This new way is available now.

This work helps you come alive again and tap in to yuor flowing life force energy, regulation, and increased capacity, so that stored traumatic stress can resolve and integrate.
Allow yourself to do what is needed in this moment – allow yourself to be supported – don’t try to figure out what will be needed in every moment after this one. Those moments will need your full attention when they arrive, so focus on this one first. It will take some time to adapt to this new reality. Give yourself that time. Don’t rush into productivity mode or creativity mode or problem-solving mode.
Give yourself time to allow a new set of skills and ideas to emerge to meet the new needs.Your creativity, resilience, productivity, humour, resourcefulness, etc. will gradually rise up in you again, once you’ve had some time to adapt, but first you may need to simply feel what you’re feeling right now, release the distractions that might be keeping you in an anxious state, and be present for what is.

Even if you are self-isolating at home, you don’t have to go it alone. Allow yourself to be supported at this time. I’m here with you.

Get in touch – and let’s talk about your experience now and how I can support you – and I will answer any questions you may have about working together.

with love from my heart, Kim xoxoxo
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Whole Body Health & Well-Being from the Inside Out.
Deep healing at the level of the nervous system enables you to explore and expand your inner landscape where self – confidence and inner agency reside. When you heal your nervous system, you can more readily access deeper ways of knowing and being that include intuition, imagination, sensuality, and the subtle body of emotions. Get in touch to learn more about working with me – [email protected]

What to Expect During a Session

For true emotional and physical healing, I know that we can’t leave our body and how it feels and responds, out of the process. Each person needs something very specific in their healing journey, which is why it is so important to have a customized approach with sessions that are specifically tailored for you – a combination of emotionally-focused psychotherapy and body-focused Co-Regulating Touch work for trauma.
Your body doesn’t have energy – it is energy. When we allow traumatic stress that is contained in our nervous system to begin to move through our system – flow begins to happen in our body and we feel more energetic, grounded, healthy and alive.

For those who would like to focus on a body-focused, somatic approach, we begin by talking about your background, symptoms and history. We do this online and or in-person by sitting in chairs across from each other or you lie on your back on a table. When you are sitting in a chair, we can do some talk therapy, and you may also be asked if you are open to closing your eyes and noticing your feelings, emotions and body sensations that are happening for you in each moment.

For those who would like to do Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork – sessions consist of lying on a table with eyes closed – and I offer touch on several areas of the body: the head, stress organs, the belly, and joints in the body. Sessions are done fully clothed.

Each session is one-hour, unless we are doing an extended session – and is unique depending on what you are experiencing on that day and would like to focus on during a session – we want to tune in and understand what’s really going on in your body – beyond pathology and diagnoses – to allow your body to move into a flow state, rather than to remain stuck in a stress response state – during the session and in the hours and days afterwards.

3-Month Online Offering Cultivate Your Somatic Aliveness – access deeply held emotional, physical and relational concerns and focus deeply on you during this program. Starting with a one-hour introductory session, then a 1.5 hour family systems trauma session –  A total of 6 one-hour sessions, on Skype or Zoom, one 1.5 hour family trauma healing session, and homework to help access internal transformation from anxiety, depression, panic, trauma, stress, eating disorders, relational struggles, chronic illness or health concerns – get in touch to learn more – [email protected] 

Other Offerings – Family Systems Imprint – 90-minute Session – an in-person or virtual online Zoom session – an opportunity to get to the roots of intergenerational trauma patterns & begin a path towards relational & relationship healing.  Uncover your family dynamics and trauma history – this is an opportunity to strengthen your internal relationship with your mother, father and extended family – in ways that contribute to healing – get in touch to schedule an online or in-person session – [email protected] /

Sessions for Individuals & Couplesan invitation for you – to feel present in your body, to unwind patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, chronic stress & pain, trauma, regulate your nervous system, to cultivate trust in your moment-to-moment experience, your naturally wise heart, and your capacity to connect to yourself, those you love and the love that surrounds us.

Somatic Body Learning & Practice and Somatic Experiencing Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork sessions are available for you now. Waking you up to Somatic Resilience & Regulation – the innate wisdom of your body, healing inherited trauma patterns, feeling yourself below the level of thought, and accessing your full beingness in flowing, fluid motion. 

Get in touch to learn more about Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma, Family Systems Imprint Sessions & Individual Body-Focused Therapy Sessions – The Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Restorative Clinic – in-person, online or a mix of one or more of these sessions – and to set up a time to work together:   [email protected]

The Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Restorative Clinic:
Creating Well-Being Through Nervous System Regulation.
Heal Relational Trauma – Break the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma.
Nurturing Connection, Restoration & Building Resilience.

Easing the Body ~ Calming the Mind ~ Opening the Heart.
Somatic Experiencing ~ Somatic Practices ~ Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma ~ Movement Practices ~ Whole Body Systems Approach for Healing Inflammation.

Somatic work can be done effectively online, as well as in person – online sessions are available for those who travel regularly, have a busy schedule, live far away from the office, or prefer to work from your own home – [email protected]

Working together enables everyone who is willing to do the work an opportunity to decrease feelings of anxiety, pain, depression, chronic stress, pain or illness – as well decrease the chatter in the mind, and ground your mind and body with the depth of the intelligence found in the body. Experience lasting somatic transformation and feelings of calm, peace and wholeness – within your own body and within your relationships. / [email protected]

Working deeply at the roots in the body – within the nervous system and stress organs – to cultivate and sustain embodied health and well-being for everyone who chooses to take part.