Unwinding Layers of Trauma Patterning – Reflect, Release and Resolve – Nourishment from Within – Coming Back to Your Body for Deep Care, Nurturing and Support – Centering and Dropping In to the Softness & Ease of This Moment.

“Just because you are soft doesn’t mean you are not a force. Honey and wildfire are both the colour gold.” ~ Victoria Erickson

Your body’s ability to heal is far greater than anyone has led you to believe. Somatic Healing and Trauma Resolution is Healing at the Roots – not a quick, one-size-fits all solution. This healing work creates connection and belonging within yourself that you may never have felt before.

Welcome. There’s room and space for all parts of you here.

I hope you’ve been feeling some softness and ease, as we slowly roll through the beginning of 2024. Over the first few days of January, I’ve been feeling settled, rested, rejuvenated and renewed after Christmas and New Year. For the second year in a row, I am taking off a longer amount of time for myself in January, my partner and my puppy; to rest, reflect, move, hike, eat healthy foods, and feel grateful for the space and opportunity to do these things.

During the first week of January, I took part in a fun and restorative activity to reflect, release and prepare for this new year with several rituals, including burning with an actual flame, all that no longer serves you. I am taking part in a quite a few more social events and fun activities, and I am really enjoying it. 

My word and intention for the year is Nourishment – emotional, creative, social and physical. I am taking more time for myself – and I have been planning and preparing to spend more time doing creative and fun activities with others. I am feeling light and hopeful for what I am anticipating in the year ahead.  

No matter how the year ahead rolls forward, I will be loving and nurturing myself, no matter how I am being. How does that sound for you?

Healing trauma means many things to all of us, and one of the important aspects is to create connection in places in your body, in your being, in your relationships, your health and your life, in ways that you haven’t yet experienced in your life. I want this for you – and it is possible.

The fundamental understanding of how early trauma patterns affect us and ways to work with them on the path of awakening. We’ll start by giving our compassionate attention to how disruption in our early relationships affects us.

If we felt unsafe, rejected, unseen, or disconnected early in our lives, we develop an identity that we are not good enough or broken. And we grow up trying to figure out how to cope with the sense that something is missing. Some of the ways we do that are overachieving, perfectionism, people pleasing, self-judgment, or hiding from life.

Together, we create a field of safe space to explore these tender parts of ourselves. We’ll learn how to turn toward our experience with acceptance, compassion, and care. And we’ll discover the space to realize there is so much more to life than our patterns.

Our time together includes somatic bodywork, touch and intentional touch, body sensation exploration, practices for home, and heartfelt conversation. We turn our attention inward to find our way through the mind-made limits and the stories that create personal suffering. And discover practical ways to return home to the ground of being…to freedom and liberation.

Finally, we realize that we can’t go it alone. Our disconnection from our divine nature happened in the context of relationship, so we need to practice together—in a supportive and loving community—to find our way home. Come with your fears, doubts, shame, and questions—and simply to share sacred space together in community with like-minded friends.

Together, we lovingly embrace our humanness as we expand into overflowing appreciation, vibrant joy, and deep connection with all of life.

The somatic nervous system regulation work that I practice in my work every day with clients is founded within the awareness of our relational attachment styles, of co-regulation and of not having to heal alone or work so hard to heal.

Many of us are used to pushing through, to pushing boulders uphill, to going it alone – we inadvertently add an extra load to an already burdened body/mind/heart/nervous system in certain healing modalities.

In my 15+ years as a somatic relational psychotherapist, movement teacher, healing practitioner, bodyworker and trauma specialist, I have been deeply noticing the ways that we can heal that can feel more safe, more kind, more effective and truly sustainable over the long term.

That’s why I do what I do.

Because we all need spaces we can go to that are nourishing, supportive, healing, connecting and where we don’t have to try so hard all the time. Where we can be held and guided in a spacious way. Spaces where we don’t have to re-live past traumas again and again.

Where we’re invited to bring all parts of ourselves. And where we’re practicing something together that will last for a lifetime.

If you’re ready for more presence, more space to be yourself, more ability to take in the nourishment moment-to-moment, and teach your body that what happened in the past isn’t happening now, so you can feel more safe to rest and restore right here and right now. I invite you to get in touch to schedule a free consultation call with me.

Let’s explore how we can work together to support your healing and growth through one-on-one, customized trauma healing and bodywork sessions. This nervous system regulation work is a beautiful way to deepen your healing journey so you can be even more yourself and have even more what you want to have in this life.

When I give my younger part permission to do whatever it takes to feel a little less alone and a little more soothed to be able to turn towards my heart – everything changes. When I allow myself to feel the ground of a bodywork table, and allow energy that I’ve been holding to begin to move and release all the way through my body.

My intention is to keep you company and support you while you bravely turn towards yourself. To be an anchor amidst whatever is happening in this present moment so that you might be able to widen your heart and belly to receive it with a little bit of warmth.

So that together, we may sink into the moment together and just… BE. With whatever is.

It is such an honour to get to be with you and guide you in this way. You can listen to my words just let it be background noise to help you be here in whatever way is meaningful to you.

As a somatic relational trauma-trained specialist, I have spent many years unwinding my own trauma patterning, so that I can offer a unique blend of somatic and attachment-based healing work that help you find a deeper sense of true connection with yourself and the world around you.

Whether you are struggling in relationships, feelings stuck moving towards your purpose(s), struggling with health challenges, overwhelmed by your own inner critic or perfectionist, stressed by seemingly small things or feeling lost and unable to settle into all that you would love to have happen in your life, I’m here to support you.

In our one-on-one sessions, we welcome all parts of you. In this kind of trauma healing, we embrace all that’s here and come into empowered and grounded relationship with all that you’ve been through and all the places you are headed. In these one-on-one nervous system healing sessions, we dive into Transforming Touch (Intentional Touch, Co-Regulating Touch and Transforming Presence), and various other somatic healing modalities to help you get some space to feel more connected in your mind/body/heart and soul, and to cultivate a deeper sense of peace, clarity, inspiration and aliveness.

Working together is supportive to:

– regulate your nervous system and help you manage stress and anxiety
– embrace trauma patterns that may be holding you back
– develop a greater sense of self-compassion and self-love
– build healthier relationships and stronger connections with others
– tap into your intuition and inner wisdom to make decisions that align with your values and goals
– create a vision for your future that inspires and energizes you and pulls you towards it
– And much more

What supports you to feel alive?

How can you begin to connect more deeply with yourself and therefore others?

Today, we have many habits or defensive accommodations – that keep us out of feeling. Many people didn’t get the opportunity to feel or sense their bodies and experience themselves in a healthy way – life circumstances interrupted that – so it can feel scary and very difficult to do.

We will be together to build capacity within your nervous system for feeling into your body for the first time and creating a new relationship with yourself. This takes some time.

I love supporting and guiding people in a deep, contemplative way through their inner waters and awareness to their origins – a remembering and expanding into awareness nature and the earth.

This is an invitation to go deeper into the expanded landscape within our bodies and cells. Somatic healing offers us a process that involves touch, softness, simple vocal sound streams, breath, subtle gentle movements and awareness to access our fluid consciousness. Supporting nervous system healing and creating the space and context to move in new ways and to feel more present and alive in our bodies. We explore the inner realms of our bodies where we learn from our own cells and rhythms within.

New life begins to emerge in what may have become held, withered and alienated within your body. As we become attuned to our fluid body and how this watery mystery guides us into the experience of direct connection with all life, we notice an amplifying and refining of communication networks within ourselves and with others.

We will explore connecting with the deep joy and mystery of life.

Emotions are messengers, not facts. We are not our emotions.

When emotions drive our behaviour, we can go into self-protection mode.

When we learn how to witness our emotions, we see ourselves as separate from them. We become the witness experiencing emotions.

Then, we have choice and can act in alignment with our values.

Somatic healing invites in those who have become prisoners to a life lived in survival mode. It offers a reprieve so you can better understand the wisdom and inner workings of your nervous system.

Once your body begins to feel better, you’ll quickly accept that there is, in fact, nothing wrong with you. The way you feel, think, and behave, although perhaps seemingly self-destructive, has merely been an armoring of self-protection—a necessary response to a traumatic environment or experience.

Instead of self-criticism or defeat, you’ll begin to see that depression or anger or fear are natural, instinctual responses to an overwhelmed nervous system, merely trying to protect you. You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. You just need to get back in the driver’s seat of your life and body. Let somatic healing free you from a settled life of survival.

What to Expect During a Whole Body Health Somatic Practice –
Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma Session

For true emotional and physical healing, we can’t leave our body and how it feels and responds, out of the process. Each person needs something very specific in their healing journey, which is why it is so important to have a customized approach with sessions that are specifically tailored for you – a combination of emotionally-focused psychotherapy and body-focused Transforming Touch, Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma.

Your body doesn’t have energy – it is energy. When we allow traumatic stress that is contained in our nervous system to begin to move through our system – flow begins to happen in our body and we feel more energetic, grounded, healthy and alive.

We explore our fluid bodies through the language of sensation, co-regulating touch,and  subtle movement. We have the opportunity of allowing time to slow down, to notice, let go and shed that which needs to shed, and to come through anew and refreshed.

For those who would like to focus on a body-focused, somatic approach, we begin by talking about your background, symptoms and history. We do this online and or in-person by sitting in chairs across from each other or you lie on your back on a table. When you are sitting in a chair, we can do some talk therapy, and you may also be asked if you are open to closing your eyes and noticing your feelings, emotions and body sensations that are happening for you in each moment.

For those who would like to do Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma Session – sessions consist of lying on a table with eyes closed – and I offer touch on several areas of the body: the head, stress organs, the belly, and joints in the body.

Therapeutic Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma is a gentle, backed-by-science method that enables qualified practitioners to work safely and ethically with the emotions stored in the tissues and organs of the body. It works to unlock and release emotional pain buried in the body, sometimes since before we born, in-utero, our early childhood and all way up to present day adult experience.

Using touch, we reset complex physiological systems and help harmonize energy flow in a person’s body. Often, we restore what was missing in the early years. Touch can give a client greater awareness of their body’s sensations and the ability to get to know themselves better from the inside out.

Bringing a compassionate presence to the body is another essential part of healing. It helps address the neural numbing, muscular bracing, and autonomic disorganization that are physiological by-products of grief, shame, anger, and fear.

Therapeutic touch works to heal the nervous system by providing an avenue for the body to process deep-rooted trauma and facilitate self-actualization. Through gentle, attuned touch, we can help to rebuild an underdeveloped nervous system that has been negatively impacted by early trauma.

Sessions are done fully clothed.
Each session is one-hour, unless we are doing an extended session – and is unique depending on what you are experiencing on that day and would like to focus on during a session – we want to tune in and understand what’s really going on in your body – beyond pathology and diagnoses – to allow your body to move into a flow state, rather than to remain stuck in a stress response state – during the session and in the hours and days afterwards.

This work is support for you to feel more ease through deep embodiment, the immense gifts of slowing way down, how to lovingly hold and transform your story and become a master of our nervous system.

Our early developmental and attachment wounding is a wound with life itself. To an infant, our attachment with our mother is everything – our very experience of ourselves and of the world was filtered through the body and psyche of our mother.

As you heal, you begin to feel your core as goodness; to deeply know that you belong, to feel a oneness with life. You can feel an unshakeable love in your heart that becomes a stable background in your life. The greater empathy and compassion you feel for yourself extends to all beings and the earth itself.

I will hold you with kindness, deep respect and space to be with you as you are. This deep presence will shift our felt sense experience of whole body mental and physical health care. My approach is open, spacious and flexible. I look forward to inviting you in to my space.

There is a great longing in each of us to uncover the secrets and mysteries of our individual lives, to relate more deeply and to uncover what is unique and truthful within ourselves and related to others in our lives. I look forward to seeing you in the depths of soul nourishment, vulnerability and courage.

When we begin to unravel the layers of emotions and patterns and re-route neural pathways, we have to connect back to our physical selves. Trauma forces us out of our bodies. This is why the somatic approach works so well.

When we approach the human system in a holistic, regenerative, systemic way, we build a foundation that is solid and has more capacity to experience difficulty. Yes, we will experience stress, pain, and loss like all humans do, and we will bounce back.

Ready to take the next steps in your healing?

I am honoured to walk alongside you on this path toward greater well-being, happiness, and fulfillment.

If you’re curious about how this work could be supportive for you, get in touch to schedule a free introduction call to share more about what you are hoping for.

Who would you be if you felt nourished and loving towards yourself every day? Say ‘yes’ to what feels nourishing, joyful and expansive.  Be ever so gentle with your heart.

Working together is a deeply nourishing, supportive and intensive collaboration between us. My intention is to allow you to bring your whole self, to explore all the areas that feel hidden or stuck and to celebrate all the deep pleasure that can come from living in our bodies. I am here to listen to the wisdom of your magical body together.

Together, we will work with body-based approaches, inner child healing, and self compassion to support you in experiencing joyful aliveness.

I warmly welcome you to connect with me.

love ~ Kim xoxoxo
[email protected] / www.kimcochrane.ca

*Let’s gather together – join me for a monthly drop-in nervous system / somatic healing / co-regulation / healing class beginning in 2024 – just show up – create space on your couch or your bed – slow down, unwind into a series of practices for healing – body noticing, breath, sound and somatic healing practices – Beginning on Monday, February 5th, 2024 at 6:15pm ET – 7:15pm ET. ($27 CAD) – this class will NOT be recorded – so please join me live – I can’t wait to be with you – email me for payment information and I will send you a Zoom link to the session – [email protected]

Whole Body Mental Health & Well-Being from the Inside Out.
Deep healing at the level of the nervous system enables you to explore and expand your inner landscape where self – confidence and inner agency reside. When you heal your nervous system, you can more readily access deeper ways of knowing and being that include intuition, imagination, sensuality, and the subtle body of emotions.

The POLYVAGAL THEORY – SAFE & SOUND PROTOCOL OFFERING – The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is an auditory listening intervention for adults and children – using headphones – that is intended to accelerate the effectiveness of other modalities by preparing each person’s emotional and physiological state. Dr. Stephen Porges (developer of The Safe & Sound Protocol & of The Polyvagal Theory) explains that we need a calm autonomic/physiological state for health, growth and restoration, and achieving this becomes the foundation of an effective therapy. 

The SAFE & SOUND PROTOCOL is a way to support a change  in your physiological state; opening the system to further neural change and improvement for other therapies that follow. The process is designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. The intervention uses prosodic vocal music that has been filtered to train the middle ear muscles to focus in on the frequency envelope of human speech. You’ll find you are better able to feel calm – less chronically stressed and/or anxious.  Clients who have experienced long-held trauma and are healing from PTSD, troubling chronic health concerns, chronic pain and troubling chronic emotional responses, can experience an increased sense of safety in their physiological state. The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)+ Co-Regulating Touch Trauma Resolution Bodywork = Somatic Healing

FEMININE EMBODIMENT – get in touch with your feminine energetic dynamics, internal felt sense, your deepest heart, masculine and feminine energies, layers of dissociation, practice pleasure practices that can help you unravel pleasure and sensuality, heal the survival responses and defensive accommodations that keep us out of connection. Explore somatic blocks to expansion, heal chronic anxiety, illness and pain patterns, and have an open space to explore the deepest parts of yourself in relation to yourself, your work, your life and your relationships with others. This work happens on the table, in-person and online via Zoom. Let’s explore together – [email protected] 

HEALING FAMILY TRAUMA IMPRINT – 90-minute – in-person or online Zoom session – an opportunity to get to the roots of intergenerational trauma patterns & begin a path towards relational & relationship healing.

DISCOVER YOUR INNER MOTHER– Healing the Mother Wound – uncover your hidden family dynamics and trauma history – this is an opportunity to strengthen your internal relationship with your inner your self – as well as your mother, father and extended family – in ways that contribute to healing – get in touch to schedule an online or in-person session[email protected] / www.kimcochrane.ca

HEART HEALING INTENSIVE SESSIONS – Heart healing sessions are all about you, your path and healing. These can be monthly sessions or several sessions scheduled over a period of days to support you along your healing path.

My clients love this work, it is nourishing and gentle. It is wonderful for healing early developmental trauma, attachment repair and shifting to a more regulated place where the heart can freely open into abundance.

You may want to schedule these sessions as a focused time for letting go of all that you healing. Heart Healing sessions consist of combining several sessions over a short period of time. They are a great way to get out of your daily routine and be immersed in healing. We may meet for multiple sessions per day over a period of days. Since you will be out of your typical routine, this will give plenty of time for integration of the work and healing.

The Heart Healing Sessions are held in my office in Markham. You can schedule between several sessions over a period of days. Since this work is done away from your typical day to day life, integration of the work is deep and truly transformative.

I am sending softness, gentleness and love from my heart to yours. May you slow down and receive the wisdom your body is seeking to share with you breath by breath.

Let’s plan your sessions in advance – if you are interested in scheduling or have questions, please get in touch and we will make a plan for your visit – [email protected] / www.kimcochrane.ca

THE COUPLES SESSIONS- Awaken in Relationship – Being Present to the Relational Wounding and the Pain We Carry – Ongoing Bi-Weekly or Monthly Sessions for Couples (online or in-person) – Learn to Process Deeply Held Emotion, check-in with each other regularly and learn to communicate from the heart and to connect deeply with one another again or for the first time.

1) Be with Relational Wounding when it shows up in your relationship
2) Be with and face Hot Button issues when they arise and cause conflict
3) Take 100% responsibility for yourself in your relationship.

Our feelings, bodily sensations and relational patterns are clues to what is being held in the unconscious – so we must be present to them. Conflict can give us the opportunity to awaken out of the conditioning that we are a separate, disconnected self.  Get in touch to learn more and work together – [email protected] / www.kimcochrane.ca

HEALING CODEPENDENT PATTERNS IN RELATIONSHIPS – healing through the body for codependent patterns in relationships – healing from resentment, blame, shame and addictive patterns – nurturing your inner child – learning your needs in relationships – and finding ease in the body, mind and heart for longstanding conditioned patterns.

SESSIONS FOR INDIVIDUALS & COUPLES – Relational Neurobiological Somatic Healing -an Embodied invitation for you – to slow down and feel the strength of a supportive resource, move beyond blame and notice how our nervous system states inform our interactions with our partner, feel present in your body, to unwind patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, chronic stress & pain, trauma, regulate your nervous system, to cultivate trust in your moment-to-moment experience, your naturally wise heart, and your capacity to connect to yourself, those you love and the love that surrounds us.

Get in touch to learn more about The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP), Embodied Recovery, Nurture Surround & Family Systems Imprint Sessions & Individual Body-Focused Therapy Sessions, and Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma, NeuroAffective Touch – The Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Restorative Clinic – in-person  and/or online – and to set up a time to work together:   [email protected]

Using mind-body skills to stabilize your nervous system – befriending, grounding, slowing down, tracking and resourcing. We will listen to your body’s narrative while utilizing body-mind emotion dialogue. We will explore biological survival strategies and process historical trauma by creating moment-to-moment interpersonal experiences of safe connection. We will utilize non-cognitive senses of relational connection – auditory, visual, movement, and touch – co-creating manageable ways to defuse internal feelings of pressure, anxiety and stress.

The Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Restorative Clinic:
Creating Well-Being Through Nervous System Regulation.
Heal Relational Trauma – Break the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma.
Nurturing Connection, Restoration & Building Resilience.

Easing the Body ~ Calming the Mind ~ Opening the Heart.
Somatic Experiencing ~ Somatic Practices ~ Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma ~ Movement Practices ~ Whole Body Systems Approach for Healing Inflammation.
Move Energy Through the Body – Movement & Breathwork – discover energetic awareness and simplicity.
Somatic Reclaiming – integrating your body, mind and heart.
Pre and Perinatal Therapies – consciousness begins before birth.
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – restore integrity in our living, fluid body.

Somatic Healing work can be done effectively online, as well as in person – online sessions are available for those who would prefer not to come in to the office at this time, for those who live far away from the office, or prefer to work from your own home – [email protected]

Working together enables everyone who is willing to do the work an opportunity to decrease feelings of anxiety, pain, depression, chronic stress, pain or illness – as well decrease the chatter in the mind, and ground your mind and body with the depth of the intelligence found in the body. Experience lasting somatic transformation and feelings of calm, peace and wholeness – within your own body and within your relationships.

You will learn to feel and by doing so, you will move towards whole body health and well-being that you can feel within you.

Get in touch to learn more about working with me – [email protected] / www.kimcochrane.ca

Feedback from a recent client:
You bring together so many supportive modalities and approaches and I have been feeling a lot less anxious, more expansive, grounded and alive.

“And you cannot build a home for your worth inside of another being.” ~ Victoria Erickson