Turn towards yourself. Trust your inner experience.
Feel at-home in your body, mind & heart.
Allow your energy & aliveness to flow.

somatic energy practitioner

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My heart has been torn open recently, watching events unfold following the murder of George Floyd. Like you, I grieve, and stand with, all people whose lives and hearts are touched by these callous deaths and in-the-streets protests against syst...

"Until we receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart." ~ Brene Brown I want to welcome you just as you are - into an ongoing, experiential journey into the alive and changing territory of the body. I can help...

The Embodied Well-Being Program & Practice

Self-Love & True Freedom Program

Re-wild your life - awaken your heart, live from your deepest wisdom & allow fears and obstacles to fall away.


an opening for you ~
  for compassionate curiosity and non-judgmental engagement with your body, mind & heart.

somatic energy practitioner

somatic relational practices ~
for those who choose to pay attention to feelings and sensations in their body ~ gradually shifting your experience of your body & your relationships ~ your ways of being and relating in the world.



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