Our sensations guide us to the wild, fresh terrain of each moment.

It is only here that we can fully meet whatever life offers.

Let’s get in touch with and live this moment. heart

kim-handIntegrative Somatic Body Therapy  somatic therapist

Come back to your body with grace & ease. Any event that occurs – whether physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual – impacts our whole being. Our experience of an event must come through our sensory systems – through our pulsing network of nerves – in order to register in the mind. Our bodies love to move and must move – when movement is held back, energy and life flow is blocked and we become sick – and feel symptoms in our body, mind and heart. Integrative Somatic Body Therapy allows time for deep emotional and physical attunement – using tools & techniques to help you pay attention to the present, moment-to-moment experience in your body. Your body is constantly speaking to you, and you will begin to understand your sensations and feelings, and access the energy and aliveness that exists in your body right now. Learn More    somatic therapist

Embodiment / Healing Your Emotional Body

Your body remembers what has happened before – and holds stress, memories, emotions, and trauma in your cells, muscles and tendons. Embodied Mindfulness includes noticing a full range of human experiences. During Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Touch sessions, you will learn how to be with what is activating or shutting down your nervous system, so that it can become activated and settle more readily on its own. You can learn to be present with yourself, and work with (rather than fight against) the feelings & symptoms that occur in the moment – such as stress, anxiety, depression, concussion, trauma. Body healing

When your nervous system makes your survival a priority over your happiness, life after known and hidden trauma can be filled with stress and unnecessary pain.

Our internal state is always informing our external state – our moods, our feelings of joy and aliveness and our feelings of well-being. Many of us are not able to tune into ourselves in a deep way – to really feel and get a sense of what’s happening inside of us – because it may not feel very good to do this on our own. We will do this together – slowly and with care – and this will help develop new abilities within your brain and nervous system to help you feel better.  somatic therapist

I work with clients to bridge the gap between the medical profession and their individual body-focused experience – sometimes working with your medical professional to help you get better sleep, find more permanent relief from chronic pain or illness, stomach and digestions concerns and chronic anxiety or depression, sexual trauma, early developmental trauma or when you’re not sure why you’re experiencing what you are feeling – with a somatic integrative whole body, health-focused way of being.

The work I do helps you live better in your body – focusing on helping you learn about your body and work somatically to heal real concerns that trouble you on an ongoing basis. You don’t have to accept or medicate your symptoms – you don’t have to blame ageing or genetics – you can develop deep physiological awareness—slow down and practice somatic awareness, somatic inquiry and psychophysical integration. I work deeply with the body – with or without touch – to connect you to ease, mobility, resilience, understanding, and joy.

This work goes beyond just knowing and understanding yourself – which you will do with more clarity – you will change the patterns in your nervous system and brain so that you will feel things more readily – and your system will feel more flowing and alive. We’ll be exploring the subtle nature of the nervous system and what it means to ‘drop-in’ and embody the present moment via your body, your biology, and how it all connects to the environment.  somatic therapist

Due to past – often hidden, and unknown to you – trauma, we can find our nervous system stuck in a high activation state or a low activation state. When we go to the doctor for help, we get some slight relief for our symptoms, but we don’t get to the roots of what’s happening in your nervous system to release trapped survival energy. Once we get in touch with your energy, we can work to rewire your nervous system response so that you experience appropriate and healthy levels of nervous system arousal, so that you can decrease your symptoms and feel more awake, alert and alive when you want to. Your body is trying to discharge trapped survival energy. Your body is trapped in a survival state where it feels as though it is being chased for many years – it gets worn down and chronically ill – this not natural the ageing process – this is an overactive or underactive nervous system.  somatic therapist

One of the ways that we begin is by touching in to and developing a sense of your body – with new attention and focus – cultivating somatic awareness – which is a powerful tool for healing and well-being. Our brains are receiving constant input from our bodies. This input shifts our mood, feelings, behaviour, and what we perceive as salient information. When we bring awareness to this process we are better able to utilize somatic input and make coherent decisions in our lives. These sensations are also the source of our feelings of goodness and happiness. Becoming aware of bodily sensations helps us make decisions that create more sensations that lead to goodness and happiness.

Cultivating body knowing – somatic awareness from the inside out – is to process stress and trauma. This lowers cortisol levels and makes us healthier, overall.

It helps a great deal to have a trained and knowledgable guide for somatic awareness. The presence of another human being, their voice, their understanding, their eye contact, has a powerfully stabilizing effect on our nervous system. This allows us to explore bodily sensations that might otherwise be overwhelming. In addition, if any traumatic material does come up, a trained Somatic Experiencing® Professional can help you to process it constructively. This results in an increased sense of aliveness and goodness.  somatic therapist

You will come back to your body to become aware of and release what you’ve been holding on to, that may no longer be serving you. You can release the mental and emotional habits that may be blocking your flow of aliveness. We shift attention from ‘thinking’ to ‘awareness’ of the here & now. By getting out of the perpetual cycle of rumination, racing thoughts & worry into our bodies in the moment, we live more authentic, empowered lives. Learn More

Presence Through Somatic Attunement, Awareness & Movement – Somatic Practice

When our sense of well-being is compromised with stress, negativity, and fear, our bodies become contracted and energetically out of alignment. This contraction and misalignment affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Touch work, presence and breath, each person will explore and get in touch with their senses & perceptions of their body and their mind, challenge their sense of power and agility, while intuiting their need for control, ease, and rest. Ideas of somatic awareness, embodiment & movement come together to access the deeper layers of alignment, flow, and whole-body integration. This is time to let go of stress, to sink deeper into yourself and to take time for you. This approach cultivates long-term vitality and strength, a deeper connection to self, and the possibility of freer movement, with less pain. Learn More  somatic therapist

Love & Goodness are flowing through you always.

Your power is rooted in your own body.

Your inner sense of value comes from self-love.

Your anger is the roar of freedom and release.

Speaking your truth creates inner harmony.

Your sexual energy is pure, wild & free.

Happiness comes from being true to yourself.