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Integrated Somatic Body Therapy sesomatic

Any event that occurs – whether physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual – impacts our whole being. Our experience of an event must come through our sensory systems – through our pulsing network of nerves – in order to register in the mind. Our bodies love to move and must move – when movement is held back, energy and life flow is blocked and we become sick – and feel symptoms in our body, mind and heart. During Integrated Somatic Body Therapeutic sessions, we use tools & techniques to help you pay attention to the present, moment-to-moment experience in your body. Your body is constantly speaking to you, and you will begin to understand your sensations and feelings and access the energy and aliveness that exists in your body right now. Learn More  sesomatic

Embodied Mindfulness/Healing Your Emotional Body

Your body remembers what has happened before – and holds stress, memories, emotions, and traumas in your cells, muscles and tendons. Embodied Mindfulness includes noticing a full range of human experiences. During Embodied Mindfulness sessions, you will learn how to self-regulate, be present, and work with (rather than fight against) the feelings & symptoms that occur in the moment – such as stress, anxiety, depression, concussion, trauma. You will come back to your body to become aware of and release what you’ve been holding on to, that may no longer be serving you. You can release the mental and emotional habits that may be blocking your flow of aliveness.
We shift attention from ‘thinking’ to ‘awareness’ of the here & now. By getting out of the perpetual cycle of rumination, racing thoughts & worry into our bodies in the moment, we live more authentic, empowered lives. Learn More  sesomatic

Somatic Movement Practices & Classes

Somatic Movement & Women in Motion classes were developed with the notion that movement is medicine and strength evolves from an integrated system. Through various movement techniques, mindfulness and breath, participants will explore and get in touch with all of their senses & perceptions of their body and their mind, challenge their sense of power and agility, while intuiting their need for control, ease, and rest. Ideas of embodiment, mindfulness & movement come together to access the deeper layers of alignment, flow, and whole-body integration. This is time to let go of stress, to sink deeper into yourself and to take time for you. This approach cultivates long-term vitality and strength, deeper connection to self, and the possibility of freer movement. Learn More  sesomatic


Individual and Couples Psychotherapy & Customized Mentoring

Individual Sessions

Allow time to pause, to be with your experience of yourself, your life and relationships. To cultivate awareness and understanding of yourself and your life situation. Begin to trust your natural intelligence, in your naturally wise heart, in your capacity to open to whatever arises. I will listen and hold your heart with care, kindness and sensitivity.  sesomatic

For many of us, there are times when we feel there must be more to life – we feel stuck, depressed, lost, hopeless, anxious, flat, or that something’s just ‘off.’ Perhaps we’ve gone through or in the midst of a major life transition – a change of career, the breakup of a relationship, the death of a friend or family member, or a disturbing health diagnosis. Or perhaps there is no catalyzing outer circumstance that we are aware of – we’re just exhausted, confused, or unsure of what is truly being asked of us. We sense the potential to feel more connected, more alive, and more intimately engaged with ourselves, others, and what is possible; we know we have something to offer to this world, but we can’t quite access it. Engaging on the path of the heart, of healing, and of awakening with another human being as a fellow traveler and guide can be immensely helpful, as we all have unconscious organizing principles, self-narratives, and emotional wounding that may be preventing us from living a life of natural freedom, intimacy, and aliveness. Research has consistently shown that it is the relationship between client and therapist (or student and teacher) that is more impactful than any particular theory or technique on one’s healing journey. In private sessions, I integrate Western, developmental theory (namely, psychodynamic, attachment, and intersubjectivity), as well as contemplative, meditative, and mindfulness-based approaches to personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation. Learn More

Couples Sessions

When we struggle in relationships, most of us don’t know what to do. We usually keep it to ourselves and hope it will improve on its own, but most of the time, it doesn’t. We can almost always benefit from some extra help. I listen carefully to understand what is happening for each person and within the relationship as a whole. I work with couples to heal, expand, and create awareness, renewal and beauty within their relationships. Couples therapy provides an opportunity to learn about yourself and your relationship.

You will: understand your negative patterns & cycles, become aware of what’s happening at deep level for both of you now, pay attention to feelings and sensations in your body which could be affecting your connection and feelings of aliveness in the body, have a deeper understanding of what you want in your life now, understand how to deepen your connection & what may block it, practice communicating more effectively using the Communication Model, find new ways to share with each other, and to resolve longstanding issues. Relationships change and evolve over time, and while we cannot expect them to stay the same, we can understand what is happening for each of us and take a role to improve them at any time. You can begin again as a couple – to create relationship renewal – and turn toward each other and share our feelings and needs together. You will begin to understand what you need to thrive in your relationship, and how to ask for what you need. Learn More  sesomatic

Customized Mentoring

Everything is connected. When we struggle, feel emotional or physical pain, everything in our lives is affected and we struggle. Customizing Mentoring is a session-by-session process where we work together to understand what is happening in your life now, and develop a customized path for moving forward. This process allows you to step fully into your life, career and relationships – working through issues related to career transitions, midlife transitions, divorce recovery, and money & abundance. During our sessions, you will connect to yourself deeply and begin to develop an integrated view of your life. You will identify and uncover deeply held core beliefs and behaviours that may be keeping you from living the life you love. You will move beyond your barriers and fears. You will feel inspired to work towards the goals that make you feel alive, within environments that support and sustain you. You have recognized that now is your time. You want to understand how you can live what is most deeply true within yourself. Sometimes change will happen quickly, sometimes it will not. When the going gets tough we will collaborate together and work through to the other side. I am committed to your success — which is you living a life you love. Learn More


Embodied Study & Practice
Awaken Your Heart – A Self-Love & True Freedom Program

I have created Embodied Study & Practice – A Self-Love & True Freedom 3-Month Intensive Program which combines psychotherapy, integrative somatic body therapy, embodied mindfulness and individualized study and practice, for those who want to make a serious commitment to their inner lives. This 3-month commitment is comprised of regular, in-person or Skype sessions, email correspondence, as well as a customized program of study and practice, involving readings, experiential exercises, movement and body practices. sesomatic

This 3-Month ‘In-Your Body’ Rediscovery Program for Women – Travel deep within yourself. Rediscover your body’s intelligence. Come back to your body – learn to be playful and creative again. This program is for women who are ready for a deep dive– willing to commit, make time, and clear space for the deeply penetrating and likely life-changing process that somatic work and embodied study bring about. This is an opportunity to explore the most significant aspects of yourself and your history–in ways not easily available to the thinking self, yet accessible through your body’s awareness and inner senses, intuitive movement, mind-body dialogue, your unique creative and spiritual expression. In this program, we will engage the two interweaving pathways that comprise any authentic journey of transformation: the ascending pathway of realizing our true nature, and the descending pathway of integrating that nature into our down-on-the-ground human embodiment and human life. We will cultivate the subtle body, which is the bridge that allows our awake nature to come down to earth, and to manifest in our lives. Learn More


1) An initial 75 minute session

2) Eight (8), one-hour sessions over a 12-week period

3) After the initial session, I will work with you to design a customized course of study, including readings, and daily practices or meditations. While I will provide as many of these materials as I can, at no additional cost to you, you may need to purchase a small number of books at an additional expense. sesomatic

4) Email contact during the enrollment period, where you can ask questions, share your experience, and dialogue with me about what you are discovering in yourself as you engage in the sessions, teachings, and exercises. sesomatic

5) Admittance to a closed, private Facebook group open only to clients and students, where a community will be created to support one another in the work of the heart. I will be an active participant in the group. Due to the nature of the material and content, the group will likely remain small with the sole purpose of providing an intimate container in which to make the journey of love, healing, and awakening together. As part of the group, you will share homework assignments, comments on others’ reports, and practice critical skills such as deep listening, constructive conflict, working with boundaries, and empathic, attuned responding. sesomatic

6) Optional – I will offer 1 private retreat each year for clients and students. As part of the mentorship program, you will receive an invitation to these retreats. sesomatic

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes yourself come alive
and do that because what the world needs is people
who have come alive.”