The couples intensive is a 2.5-hour session can be scheduled at your convenience. Couples therapy
Couples will take away new skills and tools to practice and a greater sense of intimacy and understanding. Couples therapy

This intensive is for couples who:Couples therapy

  • Have been struggling with longstanding issues and want to a deeper understanding of what is happening for them and a path for repairing and resolving the issues together.
  • Want to gain understanding and awareness of their patterns and habits in one in-depth session.
  • Want to gain clarity about their relationship and what they can do now.
  • Are in crisis and want to know what to do next.
  • Want to learn and practice important skills to improve their relationship.
  • Want to decide whether to stay together or to let go of the relationship in a loving and kind way.



The more we have ‘at stake’ in a relationship, the more challenging it can be to share your feelings and to listen. Unaddressed misunderstandings, unspoken wishes, and recurring struggle-points can become the breeding ground for ‘score-keeping’, distancing, and resentments. Couples  therapy

A mutual pathway to connection is fundamental to identifying stumbling blocks and laying the groundwork for a dynamic, enduring primary relationship. Couples therapy

The intensive begins with an in-depth exploration of communication from a couple’s perspective. As well, a variety of breathing and body-awareness experiences help build a foundation for connection and growth. Each couple then applies their learning’s to identifying and expressing wishes, wants and preferences — and exploring the impact and possibilities of this self-definition for their relationship.


Couples will walk away from this intensive session with:

  • Deeper intimacy
  • Increased vulnerability
  • Improved communication skills that they can bring to daily conversations
  • An understanding and clarity of their patterns
  • An understanding of boundaries and walls
  • Skills to identify and express preferences
  • An experience of the impact of right/wrong and the possibilities of agree/disagree
  • An increase in awareness and understanding of behaviours and defences
  • A deeper recognition and transformation of entrenched family rules and patterns