Removing the Barriers to Connection, Confidence & Vibrant Health – The Roots of Inherited Family Trauma.

November 16, 2018

“In a dark time, the eye begins to see…” ~ Theodore Roethke.
You share a history with your family before you are even conceived.
According to Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, “Our mother’s emotions, such as fear, anger, love, hope among others, can biochemically alter the genetic expression of her offspring.” Lipton explains that chronic or repetitive emotions like anger and fear can imprint her child, essentially preprograming how the child will adapt to its environment.
Our mothers pass along their fight/flight/freeze behavioral response allowing their children to become reactive in similarly stressful situations. Without our awareness, we end up repeating patterns and events in our own lives that have been hidden or silenced in our families of origin. This effects how we are able to express ourselves in our lives including our feelings of confidence in ourselves, our ability to sustain and connect deeply in our relationships and our ability to succeed personally and financially in the areas that we hope to.
Due to our early attachment history and family of origin, many of us live within a physiological survival mode that shuts down the flow of our energy in our body, making us feel exhausted, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.  On the inside of us, we’re always running, in a state of inner chaos or confusion, feeling like we’re never enough.

Working with your family systems imprint, an embodiment process and practice, and a somatic, body-focused approach, you can become aware of your inherited, early developmental history, your window of (emotional) tolerance, and begin to take steps to release deeply held emotional and physical trauma, so you can rewire your nervous system for a new experience of yourself in your own body, and within connection with others.
Unconscious, hidden, inherited family trauma blocks your ability to accept and receive love, it effects your physical health and wellness, your ability to feel that you are truly strong and solid within yourself, and to feel that you are safe in your body and in the world.
Allow yourself an opportunity to have a new experience – move away from the same old patterns, and create a new experience of feeling whole. A deep, body-focused experience of shift between how you feel loved and supported inside of yourself. Opening to receive the support you’ve always craved.
Break the cycle of unconscious identification with one of your family members. The family member that has been lonely, cast out or isolated. You do not have to hold or be responsible for someone else’s loneliness or pain, or relive it as a way to honour them. You are free now to live fully, to open your heart to the love and support that has always been there, but that you have not been able to feel as energy flowing in your body.
Let’s get to the root of what’s troubling you:
1) Understand your specific family imprint and how it has blocked your ability to receive love, support, money, vibrant health and lasting relationships.
2) Practice a body-focused, somatic approach that goes deeply into your trauma and allows you to release it – emotionally and physically.
3) Uncover the unconscious themes in your family history.
4) Uncover your early trauma history and the sources of early trauma.
5) Restore and strengthen inner relationships with your parents from the inside out, without participation from them – so that your life energy can flow freely once again through your body and into your life.
6) Understand what healthy boundaries are in your relationships and how to establish them in your own life.
7) Learn rituals, exercises, practices & healing images for your personal practice.
Access the roots of early trauma, now out of your conscious awareness. Get in touch with your family history, much of which is out of your awareness and blocked from your ability to notice and transform.
The best way to break your patterns is by experiencing them with new resources that will help you digest the energetic imprints of the past and move into a calm, regulated, embodied state of being.
We are born with an inherent sense of well-being that, when allowed to do what it needs to do, brings our physical, emotional, and mental bodies into balance. This means when we allow our nervous system to regulate, we allow our inherent health to repair our old wounds and give up outdated survival strategies that no longer serve us. We can cultivate resilience and a sustainable and nurturing relationship with self. When challenges arise, we learn how to respond in the present, rather than reacting from the past.
This is a process of working with your own energy and nervous system to help understand how we are impacted by past trauma and conditioning and how we can awaken from it.

If you feel ready to transform what has been painful for you, so you can create a new experience of being you – get in touch.
This is your time to practice being with your heart, and breathing until it stays open to love.  Enjoy fully expressed, genuine, intimate relationships, and allow yourself to receive abundance with ease.

Everything is waiting for you.

with love from my heart, Kim, xoxo / [email protected]

Offerings – Sessions for Individuals & Couples – an invitation to feel present in your body, to unwind patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, chronic stress & pain, trauma, regulate your nervous system, to cultivate trust in your moment-to-moment experience, your naturally wise heart, and your capacity to connect to yourself, those you love and the love that surrounds us.

Understand & Release Your Family Systems Imprint Sessions & Embodiment Process / Somatic Experiencing Sessions are available for you now. Waking you up to the innate wisdom of your body, healing inherited trauma patterns, feeling yourself below the level of thought, and accessing your full beingness in flowing, fluid motion. 

When we can feel ourselves, we are able to detect and understand the sensations and emotions our bodies signal to us – and we can connect with ourselves and others from a place of felt honesty and sensitivity, set better boundaries, and make clearer decisions about our interactions.

I’d love to get to know you. I am now scheduling sessions for the months of November and December – in-person and online.
Get in touch to learn more about how your Family Imprint is effecting your life & schedule Individual body-focused sessions in The Somatic Sanctuary – The Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Restorative Clinic – in-person, online or a mix of the two – and to set up a time to work together:   [email protected]

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Nurturing Connection, Restoration & Building Resilience.

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Somatic Experiencing ~ Somatic Practices ~ Touch ~ Movement.

“I’m on a mission to fully inhabit
every felt experience
because how can I touch the world
if I don’t touch my own soul?
How can I know light
If I do not know darkness?
How can I hold things safe and steady
with others if I don’t feel safe and steady
within myself? ~ Victoria Erickson


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Testimonial 1

When I came to you I felt confused, disconnected and broken. Now, I'm on my way to feeling whole. Thank you.
Kim Cochrane
When I came to you I felt confused, disconnected and broken. Now, I'm on my way to feeling whole. Thank you.

Testimonial 2

I’m so glad I’m giving myself space to explore what’s happening in my life and to understand my feelings.
Kim Cochrane
I’m so glad I’m giving myself space to explore what’s happening in my life and to understand my feelings.

Testimonial 3

I've wanted to do this for a while and I'm so glad I did - I trust myself more now, I feel more calm and open - working together has changed the course of my life.

Kim Cochrane
I've wanted to do this for a while and I'm so glad I did - I trust myself more now, I feel more calm and open - working together has changed the course of my life.
Kim Cochrane