Midwiving the Mysteries Held in Your Body – Healing Hidden Early Developmental & Intergenerational Trauma with Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma – Getting to the Roots of Nervous System Activation, Chronic Illness, Stress & Emotional and Physical Pain.

August 24, 2020

“Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment. Fully alive, fully aware.” ~ Nhat Hanh
When we feel anxious, stuck and overwhelmed, we try to make sense of why we feel this way. We point to what is currently happening in our lives and try to understand the feelings and symptoms we’re experiencing. We may look back to the past and don’t understand how we could feel so anxious or sad – because we have a good life, and had a good childhood.

Whole Body Health Somatic Practice – Healing Hidden Trauma Held in Your Nervous System.
As time goes on, we continue to try to make sense of our chronic symptoms, feelings or numbness. We know there is more to life than our emotions, symptoms and our past – and we may not know how to get in touch with and heal all of that we are feeling and holding.  If you are willing – now you can.
You’ve tried a lot of things to help you feel better – and you still don’t.

It’s not your fault that you feel this way – and thinking about it won’t make you feel better. Uncover the hidden trauma held in your body that keeps you feeling stuck, stressed, sick and overwhelmed.

Remember trauma isn’t just psychological – it’s physiological – and is held in your nervous system and in the processes and organs of your body.

The repetitive thoughts, grief, worry and fear that you’re holding in your mind also lives in your body. This hidden trauma held within us makes us sick with chronic stress symptoms, pain, anxiety, panic and depression that stay with you.

Allow in a new experience of support and safety – notice sensations in your body – and the feelings, stuckness and/or overwhelm – you are experiencing in your life.

This work offers a somatic approach – shifting  your attention to what you’re feeling in your body, as you share what is happening in your life. Offering body-focused support and safety – within our work in Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma sessions.

When the nervous system has been shaped by trauma – there is often a disconnection from the physiological (body) state, the story or narrative, and the behaviours that are being demonstrated in our lives. Cues of danger seem to be everywhere and the smallest reminder of a traumatic experience activates a survival response within our nervous system. The ability to find regulation in the nervous system is difficult to come by.

This leaves us unable to either become quiet and calm or activated and outspoken, without moving into a state of protection. We can feel locked in a defensive state, unable to to either reach out or to let anything in. This is what happens when we feel chronically stuck or shutdown. Bringing perception and awareness to what we are noticing in our body – mobilizes and stimulates the higher brain. With awareness, we can see and feel in the present rather than through the lens of the past.

During our work together, you will learn how to befriend what you notice in your body, attend to your nervous system states, shape your nervous system responses away from habitual survival responses into patterns of connection, integrate shifts in nervous system regulation and resilience, and move towards a feeling of openness and connection, orient towards safety and pleasure – towards a new experience of yourself and nervous system regulation- creating new opportunities for feelings of safety in relationships.

What Do You Notice in Your Body?

A heaviness in your chest, a nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach or a pain in your head. To tune into your body more closely, you may find it helpful to close your eyes. Take as much time as you need. You don’t even need to find words to describe what you’re feeling: just feel what you’re feeling. Sense into your body, starting at your head and then moving down through your torso, and down towards your feet – when you’re ready, if you wish, share with me what you’ve discovered, whatever sensations you feel.

We will tap into what you’re holding in your body. You will begin to tap in to whether your pain truly yours – or if it could be rooted in intergenerational trauma and to pain that was held in our mother and/or grandmother – and possibly within generations before that. You will begin to feel in to and notice your defensive accommodation(s)- and how your body has created an invisible, defensive response, keeping you feeling tight and protected – due to a fear response. As you are ready, we can help you release this chronic defensive holding response – allowing you to focus more of your attention on learning, expanding and relating to yourself and others.

The pain you may be experiencing may have never known real support, protection and safety.  We work together to access a younger version of you – a part of you that may have felt stuck, frozen in fear and/or shutdown. I will offer you support with what your body is experiencing. We will go slowly and be compassionate to discover what your body truly needs, and how much you are truly holding.

Honour, Nurture and Support the Emotion and Sensation That Arises in Your Body.

As you continue to notice your body, sense that I am here with you. I am offering you support, safety and time – to experience what you feel in your own time. You can’t do this wrong and you can’t make a mistake while doing it.

Be with the Pain or Emotion That is Being Experienced and Held in Your Body – Without the Need to Run Away or Fix or Change It.

A deep sense of relief, satisfaction, and well-being can emerge when you have gained new wisdom about what you are feeling and what you may need in your life now. Empowered by the inner knowledge of knowing what you need, along with the body felt sense of how good it feels to receive it in the present moment. This helps to break old habits and stuck patterns in your nervous system, as well as a new means of communicating with the wisdom of your body.

Ultimately, through this process, the felt sense of the emotion can be acknowledged and supported in expressing itself in a bottom-up way that your mind can hear.

Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma & Integrative Relational Somatic Therapy – provides healing for these symptoms and many others:

  • Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Depression
  • Chronic Illness & Health Concerns – Fibromyalagia, Nightmares, Autoimmune Conditions, Kidney Disorders, Allergies, Acne, Chronic Pain, Breathing Disorders, Migraines, Chronic Headaches and Neck Pain, ADHD, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis, Female Sexual Dysfunction and Concerns, Menopause Symptoms and Aging Concerns, Sleep Disruption, Eczema, High Blood Pressure and Self-Injury.
  • Trauma (PTSD, Early Developmental & Complex Trauma)
  • Shock Trauma from All Accidents including Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Dissociation & Chronic Freeze State
  • Grief, Heartbreak & Loss
  • Chronic Relational Breakdown, Attachment Disruption & Codependent Behaviours
  • Hypervigilance & Obsessive Behaviours
  • Eating Disorders & Substance Abuse
  • Neglect, Abuse & Sexual Abuse
  • Postpartum Symptoms

With a somatic approach to whole body/mind health – helping to ease emotions and stress, reducing feelings of overwhelm and overthinking. I will help you resolve anxiety, trauma, addiction, pain and eating disorders with an integrated approach rooted in somatic psychotherapy – helping you feel better.

A gentle, somatic practice, compassionately and safely treats trauma and stored stress reactions, fight/flight/freeze patterns, self-defeating behaviours – restoring a sense of joy, freedom, ease, balance, happiness.

Somatic Experiencing and Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma have changed everything about the way I work – and how I live my own life. This new awareness of how trauma and stress physiology affects every part of our lives is life changing. I see what happens for those I work with – and I know that you too, can experience lightness, aliveness and joy. 

My approach is relational, experiential, deep and embodied – helping you increase your capacity to be present with difficult feelings and emotions, and getting to the roots of what is troubling you.

I will share whole body health-focused processes designed to help you notice your thoughts, constriction and expansion in the body, energetic vibration, and what’s being reflected in the outer world that may be mirroring the inner world.

What Happens in a Whole Body Health Somatic Practice session?

During a one-on-one session, you can choose to lie on a bodywork table in-person, you can sit on the couch in front of me, or lie on the couch in front of me with pillows supporting you on Zoom call – from your own home. We join together and listen to what is happening in your autonomic nervous system, your thoughts, as well as other systems in your body, including: your fluid body, connective tissue, breath, bones and skin.

We take time to notice moment to moment – what your body and mind are telling us. Then we make adjustments to enhance emotional and physical somatic wellness. The autonomic nervous system communicates in sensation, emotion, images, and thoughts, as well as through subtle movements and gestures. It is through the vehicle of your nervous system that we find the tools we need to create balance and healing. This is a process of noticing threat and ease in your nervous system – along with witnessing and pausing for sensing what is happening in the here and now.

Whole Body Health Somatic Practice generates a body–wide experience of easing out of rigidity, tension or defensive body holding patterns (excess sympathetic or dorsal tone) and into the flowing ease of the ventral parasympathetic nervous system.

We are setting the conditions for flow to happen again in your nervous system. We have to encourage it with placing our attention into the present moment. There is a rhythm to the timing of the session, so I may ask you to pause and notice what is happening in the here and now, even when you are telling a story. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear what you have to say – I am listening to the language of your nervous system, and sometimes that means we need to pause to return to the present.

Developmental trauma interrupts our self-regulation, attachment and physiology. Together, we will work to repair attachment, bonding and the traumatic stress physiology held in the nervous system. We will get to the roots of the concerns that have been plaguing you – at the level of the nervous system – the interplay between your social engagement system, physiology and attachment dynamics – and receive somatic techniques for supporting resilience, nervous system regulation and repair.

This is a deeply rooted approach towards embodiment, attachment, how trauma imprints the body, trauma resolution and recovery through the body, and discovering your inner mother. Within a safe container, engage in a grounded, safe approach to healing trauma patterns.

Clear seeing is allowing yourself to be just as you are – fully embodied and alive. In your life, who allowed you to be just as you were? Mostly, at a very young age, we were taught to give others what they needed and to suppress what was really happening inside of ourselves. You will learn to be there for yourself and ride the experience of sensations, feelings and thoughts. Becoming present to the parts of your that have been ignored or inhibited and bring compassion to the parts of yourself that you disowned, that you believed were unacceptable.

I offer in-person Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma sessions in-person, as well as online – for adults, seniors, teens and children.

Life can and does present all of us with some form of suffering. Imagine being able to heal and release trauma, fully, without delving into the old stories. Finding freedom from your family’s destructive and limiting patterns. Finally finding deep peace with your past, allowing it no claim on your future. Imagine knowing you have the capacity to expand and achieve lasting success and impact for yourself and your work in the world.

This work helps you come back to yourself again and again – and it takes time to do it – I’ll be waiting for you.

Life feels better when our nervous system is regulated and we feel safe – deep in the core of our being. Let’s talk about your experience and how I can support you – so you can begin to feel better in your body – and I will answer any questions you may have about working together.

I look forward to being with you.

with love from my heart, Kim xoxoxo
[email protected] / www.s3p.d51.myftpupload.com

“I touch my own skin, and it tells me that before there was any harm, there was miracle.” ~  Adrienne Maree Brown

Whole Body Health & Well-Being from the Inside Out.
Deep healing at the level of the nervous system enables you to explore and expand your inner landscape where self – confidence and inner agency reside. When you heal your nervous system, you can more readily access deeper ways of knowing and being that include intuition, imagination, sensuality, and the subtle body of emotions.

Get in touch to learn more about working with me – [email protected] / www.s3p.d51.myftpupload.com

What to Expect During a Whole Body Health Somatic Practice Co-Regulating Touch Session

For true emotional and physical healing, we can’t leave our body and how it feels and responds, out of the process. Each person needs something very specific in their healing journey, which is why it is so important to have a customized approach with sessions that are specifically tailored for you – a combination of emotionally-focused psychotherapy and body-focused Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma.

Your body doesn’t have energy – it is energy. When we allow traumatic stress that is contained in our nervous system to begin to move through our system – flow begins to happen in our body and we feel more energetic, grounded, healthy and alive.
We explore our fluid bodies through the language of sensation, co-regulating touch,and  subtle movement. We have the opportunity of allowing time to slow down, to notice, let go and shed that which needs to shed, and to come through anew and refreshed.

For those who would like to focus on a body-focused, somatic approach, we begin by talking about your background, symptoms and history. We do this online and or in-person by sitting in chairs across from each other or you lie on your back on a table. When you are sitting in a chair, we can do some talk therapy, and you may also be asked if you are open to closing your eyes and noticing your feelings, emotions and body sensations that are happening for you in each moment.
For those who would like to do Co-Regulating Touch Bodywork for Trauma – sessions consist of lying on a table with eyes closed – and I offer touch on several areas of the body: the head, stress organs, the belly, and joints in the body.
Sessions are done fully clothed. Each session is one-hour, unless we are doing an extended session – and is unique depending on what you are experiencing on that day and would like to focus on during a session – we want to tune in and understand what’s really going on in your body – beyond pathology and diagnoses – to allow your body to move into a flow state, rather than to remain stuck in a stress response state – during the session and in the hours and days afterwards.

Other Offerings – Family Systems Imprint – 90-minute Session – an in-person or virtual online Zoom session – an opportunity to get to the roots of intergenerational trauma patterns & begin a path towards relational & relationship healing. 

Discover Your Inner Mother – Healing the Mother Wound – uncover your family dynamics and trauma history – this is an opportunity to strengthen your internal relationship with your mother, father and extended family – in ways that contribute to healing – get in touch to schedule an online or in-person session[email protected] / www.s3p.d51.myftpupload.com

Sessions for Individuals & Couples – an invitation for you – to slow down and feel the strength of a supportive resource, move beyond blame and notice how our nervous system states inform our interactions with our partner, feel present in your body, to unwind patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, chronic stress & pain, trauma, regulate your nervous system, to cultivate trust in your moment-to-moment experience, your naturally wise heart, and your capacity to connect to yourself, those you love and the love that surrounds us.

Somatic Body Learning & Practice and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Co-Regulating TouchBodywork for Trauma sessions are available for you now. Waking you up to Somatic Resilience & Regulation – the innate wisdom of your body, healing inherited trauma patterns, feeling yourself below the level of thought, and accessing your full beingness in flowing, fluid motion. 

Get in touch to learn more about Family Systems Imprint Sessions & Individual Body-Focused Therapy Sessions, and Somatic Trauma Touch Work in The Somatic Sanctuary – The Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Restorative Clinic – in-person, online or a mix of the two – and to set up a time to work together:   [email protected]

The Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Restorative Clinic:
Creating Well-Being Through Nervous System Regulation.
Heal Relational Trauma – Break the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma.
Nurturing Connection, Restoration & Building Resilience.

Easing the Body ~ Calming the Mind ~ Opening the Heart.
Somatic Experiencing ~ Somatic Practices ~ Trauma Touch ~ Movement Practices ~ Whole Body Systems Approach for Healing Inflammation.

Somatic work can be done effectively online, as well as in person – online sessions are available for those who would prefer not to come in to the office at this time, for those who live far away from the office, or prefer to work from your own home – [email protected]

Working together enables everyone who is willing to do the work an opportunity to decrease feelings of anxiety, pain, depression, chronic stress, pain or illness – as well decrease the chatter in the mind, and ground your mind and body with the depth of the intelligence found in the body. Experience lasting somatic transformation and feelings of calm, peace and wholeness – within your own body and within your relationships.

You will learn to feel and by doing so, you will move towards whole body health and well-being that you can feel within you.

“There is in the body, a current of energy, affection and intelligence, which guides, maintains and energizes the body. Discover that current and stay with it.” ~Nisargadatta Maharaj


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Testimonial 1

When I came to you I felt confused, disconnected and broken. Now, I'm on my way to feeling whole. Thank you.
Kim Cochrane
When I came to you I felt confused, disconnected and broken. Now, I'm on my way to feeling whole. Thank you.

Testimonial 2

I’m so glad I’m giving myself space to explore what’s happening in my life and to understand my feelings.
Kim Cochrane
I’m so glad I’m giving myself space to explore what’s happening in my life and to understand my feelings.

Testimonial 3

I've wanted to do this for a while and I'm so glad I did - I trust myself more now, I feel more calm and open - working together has changed the course of my life.

Kim Cochrane
I've wanted to do this for a while and I'm so glad I did - I trust myself more now, I feel more calm and open - working together has changed the course of my life.
Kim Cochrane

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