In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen.
Really, truly, deeply seen.

I will hold your heart and soul with care, kindness and sensitivity. psychotherapy

Working with me is a committed step towards understanding yourself, sorting out what may be troubling you and learning the truth of who you are. You will grow at your pace, in your time.  psychotherapy

Developing a solid and supportive relationship is an important first step of our work together. We create a heart-to-heart relationship in real-time. You will experience shifts and changes that you may not have believed would be possible.

This is a process of understanding and connection. I will see you, perhaps in ways that you’ve never been seen. We will understand together where you may be struggling and help you see through to the truth of you to see the beauty that exists in you.

This work is for those who want to go deeper – to feel, to practice body awareness and body-focused embodied healing – for those who want to listen to their body, mind and heart – to hear their authentic wisdom and truth. psychotherapy

I respect your commitment to your own growth and success. I will be present with you and allow space and time for your emotional understanding and growth.

My approach is intuitive and unique for each person that I work with. No two relationships are the same.

You will understand your experience and feelings of disconnection, anxiety, depression, addiction, frustration, anger, sadness or loneliness in your life. Together, we will begin to understand your ongoing patterns – so you can keep the patterns that are working for you – and learn to let go of the patterns that are draining your energy. psychotherapy

Through awareness and self-understanding, you will begin to know who you are, what you want, and how you can get there.

This is where peace, calm and ease begins; asking for support in your life, finding out for yourself what is holding you back and discovering which environments and situations that will allow you to thrive.
You don’t have to do anything to be worthy. You being born is a testament to your worth. You don’t have to do anything to claim your worth. You are simply – worthy. (pull quote)

A helpful principle is this: however familiar your thought patterns and emotional habits feel to you, they are not who you are. If you had to learn it, it is not an authentic expression of you. Rather, it was a way you learned how to be to survive your early environment; a strategy to secure love, connection, approval or safety. Any way of being that contains stress, tension, insecurity or judgment is a clue that an ego strategy is involved. This can even include behaviours that appear on the surface as loving or kind. If there is no relaxation at the core, it is not an expression of your true nature.

Being authentically who we truly are is not something we need to learn. Rather, it invites us to un-learn whatever is in the way, so that we can reside in the grace at our core in a conscious way. That is where the work of spiritual practice truly lies. It is effort and non-effort both at the same time, which is explains the Zen koan that ‘realization is practice, and practice is realization’. psychotherapy

Put simply, to ‘do nothing’ is to invite our attempts to fix, reject or control our experience to just be still and rest as the beginning point. This is a more genuine surrender that makes us receptive to a deeper grace, which can guide both our inner life and our outer activity beyond what we have constructed. Spiritual practices, engaged in from a deep love of reality rather than an attempt to get a better ego, can be powerful allies. It all centres around our motivation.

I offer an integrated approach to awareness, understanding and embodiment born out of my own unfolding, extensive study, teachings and practices of the world’s great wisdom traditions, and over ten years experience as a therapist and teacher. psychotherapy

The depth of your being is love, joy, beauty, strength, intelligence and creativity itself. Your potential to express and live this is literally boundless. Yet we often live as though we are gasping for air, and never able to get a deep enough breath.

Over the years an approach has emerged for those sincerely wanting to live from the depth of wisdom that can be inside of the self. I draw on both ancient lineages and contemporary wisdom to liberate patterns of suffering, encourage deeper access to essential presence and support the blossoming of your authentic being. This empowers you to live a rich and real life. psychotherapy

This integrated methodology includes:


Diving into your direct experience with our whole being ~ body, mind, and heart – a contemplative inquiry and a ‘dissolving the core knot of suffering’ process.


Specific practices concentrate, calm and stabilize awareness. Supports receptivity and abiding in the interconnectedness of all that is.


Sensing and including the body, relationship and all the ordinary activities of life as intrinsic to the path of awakening supports the practical living our realization in the world.

You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to be alone. Allow yourself to be supported.

You can choose how we work together:

  • In a chair – sessions can address emotional struggles, chronic pain, and relationship concerns, and support during life transitions. I use a variety of methods, including verbal dialogue, Relational Psychotherapy, Integrated Body Psychotherapy, Embodied Mindfulness and somatic practices. (in-person or via Skype)

  • On the floor (thick padded mat) – sessions are a hands-on form based on body-systems work, somatic movement therapy. Movement sessions can address chronic pain, holding patterns that cause excessive tension, injury recovery, energy system imbalances and emotional blocks.

Live your own life and not the one others have projected on you.

Love & Goodness are flowing through you now.

Your power is rooted in your body.

Speaking your truth creates inner harmony.

Your anger is the roar of freedom & release.

Happiness is being true to yourself.

May you learn to trust
the messages that rise,
bubble up, and appear
and follow them wherever
they take you.

Your inner sense of value comes from loving yourself.