“The stories of the soul are all around us, how from the darkness life returns. It is simple and magical, nourishing us with the mystery of what it really means to be alive, to be awake.”  ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


Reclaim the Divine Feminine - A Monthly Space for Women to Receive.

Let’s be together to Reclaim the Feminine. A monthly space for women to receive the Divine Feminine. We will be together. We will rest in one another’s presence. We will talk. We will move. We will open ourselves to embody the mystery...

Life Stories - A Writing Workshop for People with Stories in Their Hearts.

Come escape the day-to-day grind for ongoing sessions of soul-nourishing writing with a small group of like-minded folks. In this class, participants will delve into their own life stories with the help of our memoir writing prompts, distributed in class and packed...

Presence Through Movement - Monthly Classes.

Presence Through Movement - Monthly Classes.

Monday, October 23rd
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

“When our sense of well-being is compromised with stress, negativity, and fear, our bodies become contracted and energetically out of alignment. This contraction and misalignment affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally.” Presence Through Movement is a way to step more fully into...

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