You no longer need to deny or flee what is here –  you can be with what’s happening in your body, and meet it with your loving presence. In the here and now, you can begin again with love.

Attend to your emotional body. Access deep body wisdom. Connect deeply to yourself. 

“…and I said to my body softly – I want to be your friend. It took a long breath and replied – I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.”

Somatic (body-focused) Inquiry Therapy works with the body-mind as an integrated energy system. Our experience of any event in our lives must come through the sensory systems that move through our body – a pulsing network of nerves – and finally registering in the mind. Healthy functioning is a physical as well as emotional experience – and if we struggle in any part of the body-mind continuum – our whole bodily system is effected.  

This work allows you to pay attention to your body in a way that integrates the nervous system, mind and heart into healing from relational trauma, chronic defensive patterns and automatic stress responses. We work with the wisdom of the body and the nervous system, not just the understanding of the mind, to shift what is no longer serving you and understand what you need to create new healing strategies for growth.

Somatic Inquiry views the ways that you have survived until now as adaptive and intelligent – understanding how your past has shaped you, and how with ongoing support, you can gain a new awareness of your feelings and symptoms – and over time, you can develop a new sense of ease within yourself.

Embodied Therapy is an integrative approach combining gentle movement, humanistic & somatic psychology, and energy work. Sessions focus on paying attention to symptoms in your body – noticing the emotional roots of your concern – with a heart-centered focus on healing the emotional body and the mind-body-emotion connection to work through such issues as anxiety, depression, trauma and stress. 

This is a connected experience for your body, mind and heart that is unlike any other.

Your nervous system has an innate ability to be in balance and flow. To heal from depression, anxiety, stress or chronic pain & illness.

Together, you can learn and practice and cultivate embodied, emotional & physical well-being & be in the flow of your life.

Why Embodied?

Anxiety, depression, and trauma keep you out of present moment awareness.
 Present moment awareness is body-based, not in our thoughts 
– learning how to be present means learning how to engage in the felt sense of your body.

Why Use a Mindful Approach?

It is acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations in the present moment – this has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression 
– When you are with what’s happening now, you aren’t thinking about the past or the future, or worrying or ruminating.

What to Expect

Explore your present moment awareness through various embodied practices. 
– We will sit, stand, move, connect and share together. 
– Simple effective practices to support your daily life.

You will experience your body as it is – without resistance – and new awareness will arise within you – you will soften and relax, release chronic pain, allow for body acceptance and a deep understanding of what’s happening in your body.

You can choose how we work together:

  • In a chair – sessions can address emotional struggles, chronic pain, and relationship concerns, and support during life transitions. I use a variety of methods, including verbal dialogue, Relational Psychotherapy, Integrated Body Psychotherapy, Embodied Mindfulness and somatic practices. (in-person or via Skype)

  • On the floor (thick padded mat) – sessions are a hands-on form based on body-systems work, somatic movement therapy. Movement sessions can address chronic pain, holding patterns that cause excessive tension, injury recovery, energy system imbalances and emotional blocks.

You will be present, find clarity, and deepen awareness about how you relate to yourself, your relationships, and your life, therefore allowing for empowered and meaningful change in beliefs and behaviours that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns.

You will come back to your body to become aware of and release what you’ve been holding on to, that may no longer be serving you. You can release the mental and emotional habits that may be blocking your flow of aliveness.

We shift attention from ‘thinking’ to ‘awareness’ of the here & now. By getting out of the perpetual cycle of rumination, racing thoughts & worry into our bodies in the moment, we live more authentic, empowered lives.

Here are some benefits that clients have reported:

  • An awareness of how stored trauma, unresolved emotion, chronic pain and self-limiting beliefs impact your current choices, behaviours, and relationships
  • Exploration of your internal relationships with your body, thoughts, and feelings
  • Creation of a positive and healthy relationship with yourself, your body and with others
  • Cultivation of acceptance of your body – sometimes for the first time
  • Alleviation of chronic body pain caused by chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia
  • Connection to your inner resources of self-awareness and embodied mindfulness & a renewed connection to your inner-wisdom and to the intellect of your body
  • Awareness, acceptance, profound presence and compassion for self and others – sustained feelings in your body, long after our time together
  • You are never more than one feeling away from a completely new experience of being alive – a new experience of being alive awaits you

Each moment offers a new reality

a new experience, to make everything alive and full.

I feel how it affects me when I’m only in my head, with my thoughts,

and when I really feel into my tissues, my nerves, my bones.

When I am really sensitive from moment to moment to moment.

I live a completely different life.