In the deep, sometimes secret places of your being there lives a desire for healing and restoration that starts with a longing to be seen, listened to, and deeply understood.heart

aboutIt’s only through relationship that unresolved emotional pain and struggle can be transformed into love and connection.

Warm, nurturing presence. Open, non-judgmental and supportive acceptance. This is available for you now.

Known for deep listening, authentic connection and compassionate care – I share a depth of embodied presence and a capacity to hold space with others through a nurturing experience of the heart.

As a heart-mind embodiment therapist, I have a passion for supporting others to awaken to their true self, cultivate body-focused, energetic awareness and reclaim their innate body wisdom through integrated somatic healing. I’ll support you to awaken to deep truth and your own inner healer. I’ll guide you to excavate the gifts hidden within your deepest wounds.

We all long for deep, heartfelt connection, yet opening to another person brings to the surface our conditioned patterns that tend to shut this connection down – our deepest wounds, worst fears, lack of trust, and emotional trigger points – rise to the surface. We may never have felt fully loved – so we have developed self-protective, defensive patterns that insulate us from the vulnerable openness that love brings.

We can learn to understand and move beyond our self-protective patterns – a type of survival mode, and feelings of defensiveness and control – to heal our old energies of abandonment, hurt or rejection that happened long ago, that undermine the possibility for the deeper, heartfelt connection that you long for in your life now.

Your body wants to heal itself, and this is time for you – to learn body-focused awareness, to be with the patterns in your nervous system and understand how your body holds tension and how this contributes to your emotional well-being.

This work taps into the wisdom of your body as it relates to trauma resolution, the stress of daily living, and attachment relationships. Relationally-oriented, somatic psychotherapy explicitly uses the therapeutic relationship to repair and resolve past relational wounds; and embodiment practices foster a deeper connection to your body which is the starting point for self-knowledge.

The truth in you is unconditional openness, unshakeable presence, boundless love. You are already connected to everything and to all.

I hold deep heart space while individuals tap into their own grounded embodiment – exploring the emotional roots of physical concerns – and practice orienting into your body, feeling your emotions fully and creating a tolerance for feeling, focusing through Somatic Awareness, exploring through Somatic Inquiry, practicing Somatic Interventions, and integration through Somatic Reflection. I have taken part in my own personal healing work, and am committed to ongoing inner work.

Put your hand on your heart, and listen closely to what you find there.

Within our emotional wounds, suffering and pain, our truest gifts are hidden – it’s not a gift in the moment, but it can be, when new understanding and healing happens afterwards.

I’ve learned and share many teachings and ways of being, including – Embodied Mindfulness, Relational Psychotherapy, Integrated Body Psychotherapy, Somatic & Movement Therapy, Sacred Movement Practice, Wisdom & Awakened Feminine teachings, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma & The Embodied Brain, The Polyvagal Theory, Healing Relational Trauma, Body/Mind Wellness, Continuum Movement, Psychospiritual Inquiry & Buddhist teachings, Attachment, Neuroscience, Conscious Parenting – unifying what I do physically, spiritually and emotionally – and connecting me to the larger whole.

A Registered Psychotherapist (RP), Integrative Relational Somatic Therapist, Heart-Mind Embodiment Teacher, Awakened Feminine Mindfulness Teacher, and Somatic Movement Facilitator – I share an embodied, relational, somatic and integrative approach to working with individuals, couples and with groups. Each embodied session is an invitation to go within yourself and your body and trust what you find there – to come back to yourself – shift your energy and create new movement within yourself.

Underpinning each of my offerings is warm, nurturing presence and open, non-judgmental acceptance ~ allowing you to be as you are in this moment.

Along with my professional training, I practice embodiment – embodying all aspects of my whole being fully – as well as being in intentional community and connection with others.  I’ve explored my own wounding and developed self-awareness – along with presence, mindfulness and movement practices that ground my work within the guiding forces of my body.

Feeling grounded and connected to the flowing energetic aspects of my body and fluid nature is a part of my daily practice – I’m on a path of continuous integration with my own heart & soul.

One of the deepest longings of the human heart is to be seen for what we truly are. Living an authentic, liberated and fulfilling life requires us to wonder about the question “who am I?”.

Allowing space for what isn’t true to fall away – and offering resolution within us by connecting directly to the real love, peace, clarity, creativity, depth and joy that is woven into the very fabric of our being.

Discover a deep understanding of yourself and live an authentic life with freedom to move through insecurity and fear. In a field of unconditional acceptance, we will move through and beyond trauma, and persistent habits and patterns, to provide a practical foundation to unwind patterns of suffering.

You are not defined by limiting thoughts and unsatisfying feelings. There’s an embodied presence at the heart of every thought and feeling. Pure being that just is – everywhere, endlessly. It’s always at peace, no matter what happens.

Explore areas of yourself that have been uncharted until now, when you feel internally stuck, when you have habitual tendencies that seem stronger than you, or when you experience powerful outer circumstances that feel overwhelming.

Struggles will rise and fall away if you are willing to be as you are in this moment – and I want to share this possibility with you.

Come back to yourself with grace & ease.

Finding someone you feel comfortable sharing yourself with is an important part of your journey of awareness and understanding. This is an important relationship – and I am happy to discuss how I can support you in your life.

I look forward to deepening our connection and supporting your emotional and physical healing and growth.

Welcome. I look forward to being with you.

I draw upon a wide variety of training and experience for my work, including the following:

PsyD. (cand) Somatic Psychology – Meridian University.
Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University.
Graduate — The Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy with training in Relational Psychotherapy.
Designation – Registered Psychotherapist (RP) – Member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.
Member of the Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapists (CAPT).
Applied Meditation and Mindfulness Training from the University of Toronto.
Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IBP) Training Program
Studying Body-Mind Centering Somatic Movement Education Program.
Somatic Experiencing Institute – Practitioner in Training.
Ego State Therapy – Love instead of Fear – Choose Again International.
Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Therapy Training Program – Ottawa School of Embodied Yoga Therapy.
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training.
Open Floor International Ecstatic Dance Electives – Teacher Training.
Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training – Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Center.
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Certification – (Book – ‘Hold Me Tight’ by Susan Johnson).
Couples Therapy Certification from the University of Guelph.
Buddhist Psychology and Psycho-Spiritual Inquiry with John & Jennifer Welwood.
Intensive Studies in Energy Medicine, Qi Gong and Spontaneous Conscious Movement.
Buddhism Studies within the Shambhala Buddhist Tradition in Toronto.
Body, Breath and Energy Training at The Haven.
Executive Coach Training from Royal Roads University.
Certified Pilates Instructor – Body Harmonics.
Yoga for Depression with Amy Weintraub.
Body/Soul Retreats with the Marion Woodman Foundation.
5 Rhythms Dance & Movement.
Spiritual Writing Circle Leader.
Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion & Self-Love Retreat Leader.