Turn towards yourself. Understand your inner experience.
Find presence in your body, mind & heart.
Allow your energy & aliveness to flow.

Emotional memories are held in your body. Gain insight into what you’re feeling through the visceral, creative language of your body. Encounter and work through deeply held patterns & habits held in your body’s library. Integrate your body’s intelligence and embody the unique qualities held in the energy of your body. Allow for new aliveness to flow.
Discover the connection between your thoughts, actions & struggles you may be facing. Unravel the layers of your personal mythology – and find your centre – with your feet on the ground. Move beyond the mind & thoughts to experience the presence of being in the here & now.
Begin a lifelong deep connection & love for yourself. Clear space for new awareness & understanding. Experience a profoundly new way of embodying yourself in the world. Breakthrough to wholehearted self-expression & freedom.

Relationships are the laboratory for healing. When we seek love without giving it to ourselves first, we will never be satisfied with what we get. But when we love ourselves, as if by magic, we find ourselves completely loved by others, too. T...

Recently, someone shared some painful feelings with me: I felt like I had to put the needs of other people first ALL my life. I was faking my moods, hiding my emotions, and acting strong - when I felt anything but strong. I was taking care of the...

The Embodied Well-Being Program & Practice

Self-Love & True Freedom Program

Facilitated by Kim Cochrane – Registered Psychotherapist (RP)
Integrated Body Therapist & Somatic Movement Facilitator

Re-wild your life – awaken your heart, live from your deepest wisdom & allow fears and obstacles to fall away.


How Love Feels 

Soft, warm, fuzzy and open. That’s how it feels. Love.
Deep, dark, and safe, I’m surrounded.
There’s no holding back or heaviness about what’s next – just breezy abandon.
The bolts have loosened on the rusty limbs, and the heat warms the stiff places.
No need to hold on, hold back, clench, stiffen, or fear.
There’s only the ripple and waves of this moment – nothing else matters.
Yesterdays and tomorrows are transparent and free, unattached.
Leaves flutter in the breeze and brush across my skin.
In the distance the wind rustles.
When I sink deeper into myself, I smile.
Back and forth – hanging on, letting go, melting.
It’s a trick of the mind – this back and forth – I think I can hang on, then I know better.
Sinking back again now, I feel my feet on the ground, and my eyes tingle.
I rest centred in the beauty of now.

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